Sunstone Power Cirque Power Burner

24″ Cirque Power Burner – used as a Flat-top Griller, Power Burner with Three Burners and over 65,000 BTUs. Convenient Inserts like the 19″ Solid Steel Griddle and Pizza Stone are also inserted into our new 30″ Hybrid Grill for a Perfect side-by-side companion grilling.

Lifetime Warranty covers you for the life you own the appliance against any manufacture defects in workmanship and quality. 

All our product components are constructed with matching all 304 Stainless Steel, we never substitute and you get the highest quality product yet at the most affordable price. 

All our products are constructed with matching all 304 Stainless Steel, with a elegant #4 Horizontal Brushing and Polished Edges.

We offer three Heavy-Duty powerful 65,000 BTU circular burners, adjustable between three individual knobs so you can find the perfect temperature for any type of cooking. 

For the SUNCHSZ30 Hybrid grill we offer an reliable electronic ignition with a igniter box safely in the back of grill. 

For the larger 42″ Grill – SUNCHDZ42 we offer Piezo-Ignition in the Black Button right above the gas knobs. 

Enough Heat output for Slow-Cooking or Smoking when running by them selves, add in the Charcoal or Wood material for high-heat searing and delicious flavor. 

For the 30″ Grill – SUNCHSZ30 we offer a Infra-Red burner in the back for perfect Rotisserie Cooking. 

The burn trays are Height-Adjustable above the burners, and will raise up all the way snug under the cooking grates for High-Heat Searing, or drop down low for Slow-Cooking. 

For easy cleanup, the Drawer removes completely allowing you to simply dump the ash with no messy cleanout of the grill. 

For added safety, we offer child-safe locking on all Burn-Drawers. 

Special Louvered Pass-Through Venting, allows excess gases to escape while keeping in the smoky flavor and heat. 

The back of the hood features Louvered Wind-Guards preventing prevailing winds from impacting the performance of the grill, while also offering the ability to perfectly control the pitch and resonance of air flow to the burn trays, while keeping in all the smoky flavor and delicious grilling food. 

Key Features

Removable Ash Drawer & Tray

Insertable Grill Upgrades

Adjustable Burn Tray Smoke/Sear

High/Low Dual-Rotisserie Option

Reload While Continue Grilling

Sunstone® Series 24" Power Cirque™ Burner

The Sunstone® Series 24″ Power Cirque™ Burner is a unique circular power burner with three heavy-duty Cast-Iron Cirque™ burners totaling up to 65,000 BTU recessed into a Ceramic Heat Insulator, making it the ONLY true circular power burner available in the market. The burner is constructed with 18 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel and features adjustable surround flame and raised cooking grates that provide better airflow around the burner for superior performance.

This powerful burner is designed to provide high-cooking heat suitable for large family grilling, WOK stir-fry pan cooking, and even pizza making. The burner also features solid 304 Stainless Steel raised circular 3-IN-1 cooking grates that allow for unlimited ways to cook. Additionally, the burner can be mounted with an optional Cold-Water Pot Filler on either the Left or Right side, making it easy to fill stock-pots or use with any Wok.

The Power Cirque™ Burner comes with a large vented cover that has an adjustable smoke/heat exhaust and built-in temperature gauge. The front of the burner has an LED accent light that lights up your workspace while you cook. With the Power Cirque™ Burner, you can cook in any way you wish, and it has you covered for all your grilling needs.

Rick Sullivan
Rick Sullivan
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Great Grill! It heats up very fast 5 minutes to get to 500 degrees. Love the interior lights. They brighten up the cooking area. Sunstone support is also awesome and answered a couple of questions I had the very same day. Looking forward to many years of cooking on my new Sunstone Ruby 3 Grill.
Great Grill
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I have had this grill for 8 months now and really like it.. It heats fast compared to my older unit. Looks great and performs great. I use it at least twice a week. I like medium rare filets and I crank up the heat to 600 degrees.
Suzy Ellis
Suzy Ellis
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Sold our house sold in 2 days (966 Thompson Lane, Petaluma). The BBQ was a big selling point.
Looks Nice
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While a bit expensive this is worth it. Connected to your natural gas supply with a medium pressure line this grill gets very hot very fast. The left hand part of the grill is designed for searing and does that very quickly.
Chris MC
Chris MC
Sunstone is Helpful
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I have not used this product yet but it is very well made. The packaging used for shipping was excellent with no damage what so ever to the grill. There was a slight problem with the item being paid for but it may very well have been a glitch at the bank. Very happy with this company and product.

Grill Pancakes, Fried Eggs, Hot Dogs, Bacon, Asparagus, Fried Chicken, Steamed Vegetables, Charcoal or Wood Fired, Seared Steaks and Delicious Pizza! Place the Griddle, Deep Fryer, Pro-Sear, Charcoal Tray or Pizza Stone in the grill with any Sunstone or Ruby Grill or on top of Cooking Grates with any other Grill available in the market. Convert your conventional gas grill into multi-configurable Griddle with  superior versatility, placing as singular or in multiples.

Convert your Power Cirque into a Post-Mount, with our Appliance Jacket, Post Mount, and Wings. Add a little setup time, by simply mounting the Post to the ground, and running any gas or electrical lines up and through the Post. Be sure and properly secure the Post to your concrete, using included anchor bolts. Next, mount the Jacket to the Post

Configure your Power Cirque with one of our High Quality 304 Stainless Steel Cabinetry and design your kitchen exactly how you wish with our wide assortment of cabinets like Storage, Sink Base, Component, and Wall Cabinets. See Cabinet Packages for pre-configured designs and at a discounted price for buying the package.

The Power Cirque uses the 29″ Appliance Jacket, the jacket is a safety essential when installing your appliance into any outdoor kitchen or BBQ island enclosure ensuring you have adequate heat barrier and proper air circulation venting.  The jackets are Insulated Double Walled Construction in all 304 Stainless Steel with a sturdy self-supporting raised ledge around the sides and back that adds one more layer of quality to your outdoor kitchen. The Jackets are made for perfect air flow with in/out vent in the lower front bottom edge and upper back edge which feature open vents allowing pass-through venting of all excess heat and dangerous gasses.