The 29 In. Sunstone Universal Appliance Jacket for SUN24PCB is uniquely designed to receive multiple Power Burner Brand Models right out of the box with minor assembly. The jacket is a safety essential when installing your power burner into any outdoor kitchen or BBQ island enclosure ensuring you have adequate heat barrier and proper venting and can be installed in either a High or Low position. This jacket has double walled construction in all 304 stainless steel with a sturdy self-supporting raised ledge around the sides and back that adds one more layer of quality to your outdoor kitchen. The Sunstone Jacket is made for perfect airflow with in/out vents in the lower front bottom edge and upper back edge which features open vents allowing pass-through venting of all excess heat and dangerous gasses. It has a universal design with covered utility ports on either side depending on which side your appliance gas or electrical is connected, you only need to open the specific ports you are using, and others stay covered for safety. The Jacket is compatible with most burners with a max “CUT-OUT” size between 23 In. Width by 12 In. Height by 22 In. Depth, with the burner placed on top of the upper rim so the burner is free hanging within the interior of the jacket enclosure. In addition, you can fasten in the bottom of each corner a cabinet peg-leg allowing you to place the jacket with burner onto any surface like a picnic table or blocks for when you’re ready for your new burner or grill but not ready for the whole kitchen island. Make your kitchen a snap with the complete Jacket, Wings & Post Mount package combined to allow your burner or grill to free-stand in a stationary position as a Post-Mount Burner or Grill of your choice. See the Jacket Specification Sheet for more information, the second page refers to your burner “Cut-Out” Dimensions.
Convert your jacket into a Post-Mount Grill by purchasing the Jacket Side Wings & Post Mount Item No. SUNJKWING, & SUNJKPOST. Additionally, purchase the SUNJKDIV6 to expand the jacket package with multiple other appliances all within a single cut-out.

  • Works w/SUN24PCB
  • Lifetime Structure Warranty
  • 304 Stainless Steel Structure
  • Raises Burner 1 Inch above Counter
  • Minor Assembly Required
  • Zero Clearance Design
  • Universally Compatible
  • Left/Right Utility Ports
  • Double Walled Barrier
  • Pass-Through Venting  

Disclaimer: The trademarks used in the “Product Option” Bullet Points above belong to their respective owners who do not sponsor nor are they affiliated with Sunstone Metal Products LLC. The specific product Cut-Out Dimensions have not been directly confirmed by any Sunstone Metal Products LLC, representative or employee. Use own discretion to confirm exact product fit.

29″ Sunstone Universal Appliance Jacket – SUNJK29


In stock

  • Works w/SUN24PCB
  • 304 Stainless Steel Structure
  • Universally Compatible
  • Product Size: 29-1/4"W x 25-3/4" D x14-1/4" H
  • Cut-Out Size: 27-3/4" W x 24-1/4" D x 13" H
  • Sleeve Opening: 23" W x 22" D x 10" H
  • Popular Product Options


    24” Power Cirque™ “Complete Package”

    Comes with Hood, Solid Steel Griddle, Grates, Pizza Stone and Cover

    24” Power Cirque™ “Solid Steel Griddle”

    Comes with Solid Steel Griddle and Cover

    24” Power Cirque™ “Flat-Top Griller”

    Comes with Grates and Cover

    Sleeve Opening:

    23″ Width x 12″ Max Height or 10″ w/Vent Panel x 22″ Depth or 20-1/2″ Depth w/Panel Installed

    Product Options:

    Sunstone® 24" Power Cirque SUN24PCB, DCS® 24" Power Burner, DCS® 30" Burner w/Griddle, Coyote® 24" Power Burner, Hestan® Power Burner, Alfresco® 24" Versa Power, Blaze® 25" 3-Burner Grill AMG® 24" Power Burner

    Post-Mount Grill Upgrade

    Add the Post and Wings to convert the Jacket into a Post-Mount Grill. Additionally add the 6" Divider to Group Multiple Jackets together either for standard Island Installation or within groups of Post-Mount Grill Packages.

    22-1/2"H Post fixture mount for grill jacket
    14"W X 20-1/2"D Two adjustable wings w/brackets for grill jacket
    6" Sunstone Universal Appliance Jacket “Divider”
    Product price: $878.00
    Total options:
    Order total:

    29″ Sunstone Universal Insulated Appliance Jacket:
    29-1/4″W x 25-3/4″ D x14-1/4″ H (Product Size)
    27-3/4″ W x 24-1/4″ D x 13″ H (Cut out)
    59 LBS (Product Weight)
    23″ W x 22″ D x 10″ H (Remove Vent Panel for 12″ Max Height) (Sleeve Dimensions)
    32″W x 27″ D x6″ H (Package Size)/64 LBS

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