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Sales Agency Opportunities with Sunstone Metal Products for Outdoor Kitchen Products and Components

Sunstone Metal Products presents lucrative opportunities for sales agencies interested in promoting our extensive range of top-tier outdoor kitchen products and components. Our catalog boasts appliances, grills, burners, islands, sink, and bar centers, and much more, all crafted with uncompromising quality.

Why Collaborate with Sunstone Metal Products as a Sales Agency?

  1. Proven Industry Expertise: With over two decades of excellence in the outdoor kitchen industry, Sunstone Metal Products has established itself as a trusted and reputable brand.

  2. Quality and Durability: Our products are meticulously manufactured using premium materials, ensuring they endure the test of time and deliver exceptional value to customers.

  3. Diverse Product Selection: Our inventory caters to a wide spectrum of customer preferences and needs. From charcoal and gas grills to power burners, cabinet islands, and sink and bar centers, we have a comprehensive array of offerings.

  4. Attractive Commissions: Our sales agency program offers generous commissions on sales, providing the opportunity for sustainable, long-term passive income.

Discover the potential of representing Sunstone Metal Products’ outdoor kitchen solutions and embark on a rewarding partnership today.

Experience the Thrilling Benefits of Partnering with Us!

At Sunstone Metal Products, we believe in rewarding your dedication and hard work as a sales agency with a program that’s as exhilarating as it is lucrative.

Monthly Direct Commissions with Lightning-Fast Payouts

Prepare for excitement every month as we calculate and swiftly pay your direct commissions within just 14 days of each month’s close. And don’t worry, we’ve got you covered for any returns, refunds, or unexpected repairs and replacements – they’ll be adjusted in your commission calculation. You choose how you’d like to receive your earnings: a traditional check or the lightning-fast ACH direct deposit!

Unleash Your Earning Potential with Competitive Commission Rates

Get ready for an adrenaline rush as you earn commissions based on our enticing rates:

πŸš€ 6% Commission: For all products sold at Retail or MAP (Minimum Advertised Price). Plus, you can offer up to a 5% discount on MAP products and still enjoy the full commission. We believe in rewarding your salesmanship!

πŸš€ 5% Commission: For all products when sold at the Contractor Price Level. This includes a vast array of dealers, ranging from Home Builders and Outdoor Living Contractors to Pool Builders and Landscapers. It’s your time to shine!

πŸš€ 3% Commission: For all products sold at Partner Price, also known as Dealer5 pricing. This option suits Online Stores and Retail Outlets best. We expect a minimum monthly purchase of $10,000 from dealers in this category. Let’s fuel your success!

No Limits, No Bounds

Feel the rush of unlimited potential! At Sunstone Metal Products, we believe in you, and that’s why there are no caps on payouts or compensation. We keep it straightforward – fees, taxes, and warranty claims don’t affect your commissions. If you’re an Online Store without a physical retail front and your primary sales happen online, we’ll reward your efforts for a full year!

Join us today, and let’s embark on this exhilarating journey together. With Sunstone Metal Products, the sky’s the limit for your success!

Elevate Your Earnings with Sunstone Metal Products’ Thrilling Sales Agency Opportunities!

Joining our dynamic sales agency network is not just exciting; it’s your ticket to unlocking an unparalleled earning potential while promoting Sunstone Metal Products’ top-notch outdoor kitchen products and components.

Why You Should Choose Sunstone Metal Products as Your Sales Agency Partner:

πŸš€ No Entry Barriers: Our sales agency program is absolutely free to join, and there are no minimum sales requirements to meet. Get started hassle-free!

🌟 Skyrocketing Commissions: As a sales agency, you’ll earn electrifying commissions on every sale generated through your unique referral link. Your commission rates start at a thrilling 4%, and they only go up as your performance soars!

🎯 Explosive Marketing Arsenal: We arm our sales agencies with a dazzling array of marketing materials, including eye-catching banners, persuasive text links, and captivating product images. Your arsenal for success!

πŸ•’ Extended Earning Window: Our sales agency program boasts an exhilarating 90-day cookie duration. This means you can rake in commissions for sales made within a full three months from the initial referral. Get ready for some long-lasting excitement!

Discover Sunstone Metal Products’ Best-Selling Stars:

πŸ”₯ Charcoal Grills: Ignite your customers’ passion for outdoor cooking with our charcoal grills, featuring unrivaled heat retention, adjustable charcoal trays, ash dumpers, and convenient hinged cooking grates.

πŸ”₯ Gas Grills: Set their culinary dreams ablaze with our gas grills, available in various sizes and configurations. Packed with features like built-in thermometers, warming racks, and easy-to-clean drip trays.

πŸ”₯ Power Burners: Heat up the thrill of outdoor cooking with our power burners, boasting high BTU ratings and weather-resistant construction for an electrifying culinary experience.

πŸ”₯ Cabinet Islands: Elevate their outdoor kitchen game with our cabinet islands, offering ample storage, adjustable shelves, secure locking doors, and the added convenience of built-in trash bins.

πŸ”₯ Sink and Bar Centers: Mix drinks and clean up with ease using our sink and bar centers, equipped with cutting boards, bottle openers, and built-in sinks. The ultimate companions for outdoor entertaining.

Joining is a Breeze! Here’s How:

πŸš€ Step 1: Click the button for “Sales Agency Sign Up!” get started with our sizzling sales agency program.

πŸš€ Step 2: Complete the application form and share your website and marketing information.

πŸš€ Step 3: Once approved, you’ll gain exclusive access to our electrifying marketing materials and your unique referral link. It’s time to ignite your sales journey with Sunstone Metal Products!

Don’t miss out on this exhilarating opportunity to skyrocket your earnings and be part of the Sunstone Metal Products’ sales agency success story! Join us today, and let’s set the world of outdoor kitchens ablaze together!

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