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Unlock Your Success as a Dealer with Sunstone Metal Products!

🌟 Experience Excellence: With a collective industry experience spanning over 50 years, Sunstone Metal Products is your seasoned partner in success.

πŸš€ Smooth Sailing: Our dedicated Inside Sales Support Team is committed to ensuring your projects not only run smoothly but also stay on track and within budget.

πŸ› οΈ Installation Experts: Have installation inquiries? Leave it to our experts; they’ve got you covered with their unmatched knowledge.

πŸ“ˆ Lightning-Fast Quotes: Need quotes pronto? We’re on it! Our “A” Dealer quotes are delivered within a blazing 24 to 48 hours of receipt.

πŸ’― Get it Right, Every Time: At Sunstone, we do it right the first time. Say goodbye to problems and hello to your next sales opportunity!

Don’t miss your chance to partner with the best. Choose Sunstone Metal Products and elevate your dealership to new heights! πŸ’₯

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🌟 Limitless Selection Awaits: Discover the grandeur of choice with Sunstone, boasting the largest product line in the market. Your canvas for outdoor kitchen dreams is as vast as your imagination.

πŸ”₯ Built to Brave the Elements: Our top-notch outdoor kitchen products are engineered to defy the forces of nature, guaranteeing that your outdoor oasis remains pristine and high-performing for years on end.

πŸš€ Join the Innovation Frontier: By choosing Sunstone Metal Products, you’re not just choosing a product; you’re embracing a lifestyle of quality and innovation that transforms your outdoor space into a masterpiece.

πŸ“ˆ Your Success, Our Commitment: We’re more than just a supplier – we’re your partner in growth and prosperity. Trust Sunstone to empower your business and take it to new heights.

Elevate Your Dealership Game with Sunstone – Ignite Your Success!

πŸš€ Unleash the Future with Cutting-Edge Dealer Marketing Programs: At Sunstone, we’re not just ahead of the curve; we set the curve. Our state-of-the-art dealer marketing programs are designed to catapult your success into the stratosphere.

πŸ“ˆ Your Triumph, Our Commitment: Expect nothing less than comprehensive inside sales support that propels your sales to new heights. We arm you with exceptional sales tools, including our exclusive pCon Patio Configurator, the secret weapon for unparalleled success.

🌟 Exclusive Services for Elite Dealers: Our “A” Dealers enjoy exclusive services tailor-made to supercharge their outdoor kitchen sales. We’re not just a supplier; we’re your strategic partner in dominance.

🌍 Territory Managers: Your Personal Support Squad: Meet your Territory Managers, your dedicated champions of dealer support. These full-time Sunstone superheroes commit 100% of their time to assisting dealers like you. They’re factory-trained and attend a minimum of two training programs every year, ensuring they’re always ahead of the curve.

πŸ”₯ The Sunstone Product Universe: Explore a galaxy of quality and innovation in outdoor kitchens, featuring a stunning array of products, including built-in gas grills, hybrid gas/charcoal grills, sinks & bar centers, outdoor cabinet islands, and a constellation of outdoor kitchen components.

Join Sunstone Metal Products and embark on a thrilling journey of outdoor kitchen excellence. Seize your destiny, and let’s redefine success together! 🌠πŸ’₯

Elevate your outdoor kitchen game today. Choose Sunstone and unlock the extraordinary! πŸŒ„πŸ’«

Dedicated to Excellence, Devoted to You.

At our core, we stand as a purpose-driven enterprise. From the very inception by our visionary founder, Zeke Neumann, we have strived for a business that transcends mere profitability. Our commitment extends to fostering stronger local communities, igniting motivation in others for their own success, and inspiring boundless growth and mutual prosperity among our esteemed dealers.

Fueling Community Spirit: Throughout our journey, we have made impactful contributions. We’ve gifted numerous Gas/Charcoal Grills to support Police and Firefighter Associations, providing essential equipment to those who serve and protect. Moreover, we’ve extended direct assistance to the families profoundly affected by the loss of a First Responder in the line of duty.

Compassion in Action: Beyond our immediate sphere, we extend our hands to charitable non-profit organizations dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the homeless and responding to disasters with unwavering resolve.

In all we do, we are not just committed to quality; we are committed to the betterment of humanity. Join us in this noble endeavor, and together, we can make a lasting impact on the world.

3D Patio Configurator "pCon" - Sales Tool

🌟 High-Fidelity, Realistic Product Models: Unlock the power of high-resolution, lifelike product models that bring your offerings to life. These finely detailed representations not only impress but also instill confidence in your customers, ensuring they fully understand the value of your products.

πŸ’Ό Professional Customer Presentations: Step up your game with polished, professional presentations that leave an indelible mark on your customers. Elevate your brand image and communicate your offerings with clarity, making it easier for customers to make informed decisions.

πŸ“ˆ Frequent Upselling of Larger Product Packages: With the advantage of realistic product models and professional presentations, you’ll find yourself effortlessly selling larger product packages more frequently. Your customers will be drawn to the enhanced quality and comprehensibility of your offerings.

✨ Streamlined Design and Estimating Processes: Experience the magic of streamlined design and estimating, saving both time and resources. Efficiency leads to higher returns, as you can focus on what truly matters: growing your business and delighting your customers.

Embrace these tools, and watch your sales soar to new heights while delivering unparalleled value to your clients.


Fueling Your Success in Style!

At Sunstone Metal Products, your triumph in the fiercely competitive outdoor kitchen market is our North Star.

🌟 Introducing Your Dream Team: Meet our Inside Sales Support Team, an assembly of industry veterans boasting over 50 years of combined expertise. They are the guardians of your projects, ensuring they glide smoothly, stay on schedule, and remain well within budget. Be it a product installation query or tackling a complex project, they stand ready to be your guiding light.

πŸ’₯ Next-Level Sales Arsenal: But that’s not all. Brace yourself for our arsenal of state-of-the-art dealer marketing programs that are custom-crafted to catapult your success to stratospheric levels. From unparalleled inside sales support to dazzling sales tools, including our exclusive pCon Patio Configurator, we equip you with everything needed to not just succeed but excel.

At Sunstone, we’re not just committed to your success; we’re obsessed with it. Join us and let’s conquer the outdoor kitchen market together, in style! πŸš€πŸ”₯

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