Unlock Culinary Excellence with the Sunstone® Series 24" Power Cirque™ Solid Steel Griddle A Circular Culinary Masterpiece
  • Introducing the Sunstone® Series 24" Power Cirque™ Solid Steel Griddle – a true circular power burner.
  • Three heavy-duty Cast-Iron Cirque™ burners deliver a remarkable total of 65,000 BTUs.
  • Recessed into a Ceramic Heat Insulator, it's the ONLY circular power burner in the market.
Elevate Your Outdoor Cooking Space
  • Cooking on a Circular Cooktop brings an open, inviting experience to your outdoor living area.
  • Experience ease of use and seamless serving with the circular design.
  • Balanced heat distribution ensures perfectly cooked Stock Pots and Cooking Pans.
Enchanting LED Accents
  • Impressive LED lighting complements the Power Cirque Burner.
  • Grill with finesse even during late evening hours, ensuring a delightful cooking experience.
  • Your culinary adventures continue, illuminated by these captivating LED lights.
Unmatched Package for Culinary Enthusiasts
  • Special Price Package includes a 65,000 BTU 3 Burner Base and a 19" Solid Steel Griddle w/Oil Pan.
  • Your investment is safeguarded by the included Vinyl Cover, braving the toughest weather conditions.
Massive 19” Dia. Solid Steel Mongolian Style Griddle
  • Elevate your grilling prowess with the Massive 19" Diameter Solid Steel Mongolian Style Griddle.
  • Non-stick finish ensures effortless cleaning, while the oil drip pan maintains a clean cooking surface.
  • Accommodate multiple delights at once, impressing your family and guests.
Ultimate Protection with Power Cirque Vinyl Cover
  • Defend your investment with the heavy-duty Power Cirque Vinyl Cover.
  • Waterproof, dustproof, and anti-UV properties shield your appliance from the elements.
Expand Your Culinary Horizon
  • Upgrade with the 20" Dia. 3-IN-1 Raised Cooking Grates, providing even heat distribution.
  • Delight in grilling perfection or create culinary wonders with a Stir-Fry Pan.
Embark on Flavorful Adventures
  • Upgrade with the 24″ DIA. Large Hood with Exhaust/Temperature Gauge & Sturdy Handle.
  • Bake breads or craft evenly cooked pizzas, regardless of the weather.
Craft the Perfect Pizza
  • Elevate your pizza game with the 15" Dia. Pizza Stone.
  • Circular Ceramic Base ensures even heat distribution, resulting in mouthwatering pizzas.
  • Retain heat for freshness, delivering delicious homemade creations to your loved ones.
Convenient Cold-Water Pot Filler Upgrade
  • Enhance your cooking convenience with the Cold-Water Pot Filler.
  • Flexible neck design caters to tall or short pots and woks, simplifying your cooking process.
  Product Features: 
  • Up-to 65,000 BTU Triple Cirque™ Cast Burners 
  • Included - 19” DIA. Solid Steel Griddle w/Oil Pan
  • Included - Vinyl Cover to Protect your Investment
  • Upgrade - 3-In-1 Solid 304 SS 20” DIA. Cooking Grate
  • Upgrade - 15” DIA. Pizza Stone w/Elevation
  • Upgrade - 24" DIA. 304 SS Large Vented Cover w/Temp. Gauge 
  • Upgrade - Cold Water Pot Filler w/Flex Neck
  • All Piezo Valve Safety Shut-Off Ignition
  • High to Low temperature range
  • Lifetime Warranty Burner
  • Limited Lifetime Material

Sunstone® 24” Power Cirque™ “Solid Steel Griddle” – SUN24PCB-GD


  • Up-to 65,000 BTU Triple Cirque™ Burners
  • 19” DIA. Solid Steel Griddle w/Oil Pan
  • Piezo Valve Safety Shut-Off Ignition
  • Product Size: 24" W x 18-1/2" H x 26-1/2" D"
  • Cut-Out Size: 22-3/4" W x 22-1/2" D x 10 H
  • Select Gas Type *

    Select Gas Type as Natural Gas (NG), or as Liquid Propane (LP) Appliance is shipped with either NG or LP Regulators and Hose.

    10 Piece BBQ Tool Set
    Mist have Two Vents for every Grill Installation
    Stainless Steel Sealer & Restoration
    Order total:

    24″ Power Cirque™ Burner – Item No: SUN24PCB
    24″ W x 18-1/2″ H x 26-1/2″ D” (Product Size)
    22-1/4″ W x 22-1/4″ D x 9″ H (Firebox Size)
    22-3/4″ W x 22-1/2″ D x 10″ H (Cut out Size)
    110 LBS (Product Weight)
    31″ x 22″ x27″ (Package Size) 120 LBS Gross Weight

    Material Specifications
    18 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel for 19″ Burner; 16 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel for Griddle; 20 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel for Hood; 18 Gauge 304 Stainless steel Body and control panel. 20 Gauge 304 for Drip Tray.

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