"We recently made the best decision ever by investing in the Sunstone Outdoor Cabinet Island Package for our condo patio, and let me tell you, it has transformed our outdoor space into a luxurious haven that we can't get enough of! This package includes a stunning Ruby 42" Grill, impeccable stainless-steel cabinetry, spacious storage cabinets, and a super convenient trash storage compartment. First things first, the Ruby 42" Grill has completely exceeded our expectations. The high heat searing capabilities of this grill are exceptional – it's a true game-changer for our outdoor cooking adventures. From succulent steaks to perfectly grilled veggies, this grill does it all, and with style! The quality of the grill's construction is evident, and it's clear that Sunstone has spared no expense in ensuring that it's not only functional but also visually impressive."
Douglas Miller
Mechanical Engineer
"Grill is an absolute game-changer! From the incredible grill performance to the thoughtful design features, this package has truly transformed our outdoor space into a haven and family bonding. The 42" Gas Charcoal Grill is nothing short of amazing! The ability to switch between the two cooking methods on the fly is a game-changer and adds a new level of versatility to our outdoor cooking. One feature that has completely won us over is the ingenious drawers for charcoal and wood replacement. It's so convenient to be able to replenish charcoal or wood without interrupting the grilling process. Our outdoor space has become a hub of happiness for our family, thanks to the Sunstone Outdoor Cabinet Island Package. We love sitting by the pool, enjoying the sizzle of freshly grilled steaks and the aroma of burgers cooking to perfection. It's become a cherished tradition that brings us all together, creating memories that will last a lifetime."
Susan Lambert
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  1. I purchased three of the Sunstone double door sets for my outdoor kitchen. The kitchen lacked the doors when I purchased the house, and they had weird rough openings. Fortunately, these units have a wide enough lip around the edges to cover a lot of territory. I purchased smaller units (30″) and was able to add some cement board strips to the opening in order to build the opening up to a more standard size.The doors themselves are well built. The metal is sturdy, and the hinges are also well attached. There is a flange around the perimeter on the inside that includes slots through which you can attach the doors.The doors came well protected in a frame of foam, covered by more foam, and enclosed in a bag within cardboard boxes. It would be tough to damage the doors in shipment. The handles, each with two screws, and bagged separately.Overall, this was the perfect answer for me. It’s a good product that arrived quickly and in good condition.

  2. I purchased the SUNSTONE 15×6.5-inch stainless steel venting panel to cover an opening I chiseled through the island under my gas grill to meet NFPA venting codes. It covers the ragged limestone and concrete block edges of the hole I cut. The grill vendor was very impressed with the appearance. The stainless surface has remained shiny through months of weathering.

  3. Pleasantly surprised with the quality of the door! We built an outdoor kitchen and applied a stucco finish to the outside. The doors were very easy to install and there was issue with them laying flat against the stucco finish.

  4. Perfect. The quality of the door is excellent.I was just as surprised as another reviewer of the heaviness/solidness of the door.I installed this door myself. I built the bbq out of pressure treated lumber and skinned the frame in 1/2″ hardiboard. The flange to install allows for a smooth transition for your face material tile, wood or stucco. My bbq will have uneven slate stacked faced stones that are not meant to run under the flange. I left the flange stick out past the hardiboard by 3/8″. I installed the doors prior to stone install. So the stone would butt right up the flange. But if you are doing 3/8″ tile or stucco, I would recommend making your opening running your face material up to the opening and finally putting the door in for a overlay transition.There are two magnets to catch the door and keep it closed. One magnet on top and one on the bottom of the handle. This makes for a firm smooth operation.Very happy with the price and quality.

  5. Excellent construction. This is the second one I have installed in my outdoor kitchen. I made the mistake of removing the protective plastic before I finished grouting the surrounding stone. This required extensive clean up when the grout dried. Advise others to protect the stainless steel completely with plastic film and/or additional painters tape.

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