Sunstone Grill Cabinets are the most revolutionary outdoor cabinetry which accommodate over 90% of all Industry Brand Grills out of the Box. All Grill Cabinets come fully assembled, only mount the 304 Stainless Steel Legs, and 304 Rod Steel Handles – some minor assembly needed for Trim-Kits, the rest is easy and super DIY. The Grill Cabinets offer multiple ways of configuration both built into various individual cabinet features and through additional upgrades enabling superb functionality. Upgrade to Wheel Casters fo one or multiple within a configuration allowing you to have a moveable Grill Cart or work with ADA Requirements with available compliant Legs and Kick-Plates.

Find the perfect solution for your next Grill or Fridge with Sunstone Appliance Cabinet Base’s featured easy-to-assemble front Trim-Panels configurable to accept over 90% of all industry Grill & Appliance Brands out of the box. Go with one of Sunstone’s many Grill-Heads or Outdoor Rated Fridge, with available product inserts like Kamados, Charcoal Grills, Hybrid Grills, Pellet Grills, Side Burners, Cocktail Centers, Power Burners, all can be accommodated with Sunstone Grill Base Cabinets.

Our Appliance Cabinets are uniquely designed to accommodate the majority of industry Fridges, Wine Coolers, Kegerators, & Ice Makers out of the Box. Appliance Cabinets arrive in a package of three components, the two side partition panels and the back support panel, which allows for unlimited expandability and customization for multiple appliance runs or even sliding in your choice of Grill Cart. All Packaged come with 1-Gange Electrical Boxes in back, and the Left front panel includes a matching 304 stainless steel electrical cover. Adjacent Counter Rails can be removed for a taller appliance, even adjust the leg height for greater leeway.

Sunstone Appliance Panels provide an intuitive way of configuring multiple appliance types, like Outdoor Fridges, Wine Coolers, Kegerators, and Ice Makers all within a singular run. The panels enable your Outdoor Kitchen Island bar zone to be configured into unlimited variations. Place the Spacer Cabinet between two adjacent Appliance Pannels to extend the run even further with multiple configurations and appliance types. Must use the Combo Left and Right Partition Panels with every Appliance Panel Package. See pre-configured packages SAC24APC, SAC30APC, and SAC34APC. 

The Storage Cabinets by Sunstone are leading in the industry trends for new and innovated storage solutions with everything you need to complete your new outdoor cabinet island the right way. We feature our large corner storage solution with Lazy-Susan full Swivel Shelving, Multi-Drawer options, Spice Rack Storage, Full Height Double Trash Drawers, Propane Tank Combo, large Dry Storage Cabinets, and even a Paper Towel Holder, Cutlery with Cutting Board and full Insulated Ice Chest bottom Drawer.

The Sink Base Cabinets by Sunstone offers the most Versatile cabinet selection. All cabinets can accommodate various sizes of Sinks, Ice Chests or any other insertable Counter Appliance. Additionally they offer an excellent storage solution, especially the Combo Units which include a full width drawer, which is removable to replace a false panel for sink installation. Sink installation love the fact that the interior shelves can stay in place, with the built-in cut-out which unfastens so that you can accommodate the sinks plumbing  through the shelving and out the utility access at the base of the cabinet. 

Sunstone Component Cabinets are often the most important cabinet in your selection, like the 6″ Electrical Cabinet, or if making a 45- or 35-degree angle making a more appealing island kitchen. The 90 Degree Component Cabinet is a package with the front 90-degree corner cabinet and a fully covered back adjacent panel, allowing for a tight 90-degree corner in any island open spot. With exactly what you need, the Component Cabinets complete your outdoor kitchen. 

Sunstone Cabinet Accessories offer much-needed panels either to extend the front face fill in gaps, placing 90-degree corner panels and important end panels and end kickplates. Since all cabinets come with a front and back kick plate, for any open-end cabinet run, you will need an end panel and end kickplate which will seal the end with a nice, finished look. Important panels like the End Panel and End Kick Plates close in each cabinet island end, while other cabinets like the 3 Inch left and right Corner Guards give you a transition from the cabinet to a natural material like masonry stone, veneer stone, or stucco finishes.  The Corner Guards allow any cabinet to be installed like a regular component and fully self-rimming, just like any outdoor kitchen component. 

Sunstone Wall Mounted Cabinets have great versatility, with all 304 Stainless Steel. They are easy to clean, light enough to mount to many wall options, but heavy enough to protect the items within. The cabinets are easy to install with simple railing system, cabinets hook onto rail and secure the base. Just like the base cabinets they pin-hinge to each other and additionally they screw mount for very sturdy and tight installation. Take a look at all the stainless steel wall mounted cabinets in this collection. We may just have one or two or more for you.