Appliance & Grill Covers

Vinyl Covers for Grills, Side Burners, Ice Chests, Sinks – all covers include a 1-Year Product Warranty against Tears or any Defect. (Does Not Cover Fading of Color)

Grilling Tools

Our Finest set of Grilling Tools and our Professional Stainless Steel Cleaner and Revitalizer. 

Grill Inserts & Components

For every successful griller, your going to need a sturdy Rotisserie Kit, Smoker Box, Griddles, Searing Grate, even a Deep Fryer might come in handy. With Sunstone Grill Inserts we offer the whole assortment of components to compliment your new grill and your delicious grilled food. 

Island Component Parts

We offer multiple Island Vents, for every installation type. Remember you must have at least two vents for your island, either placed in a High position for Natural Gas or in a Low position for Liquid Propane. While our most popular vent is the Vent-S, our most versatile one is the Vent-G-Box which can be staked like a brick and has the ability to place a 3-Gang electrical outlet on the inside. 

Appliance & Sink Parts

If your fridge isn’t cooling, most often it’s the fan which has stopped spinning, fortunately its typically an easy fix. Also for Faucets which freeze in cold weather, replacing the Cartridge can repair a leaky faucet. 

ODK Component Parts

Mix and Match your handles with the components, sinks, and ice chest or if you are combining multiple components of different series together, matching the handles can be the easiest way to coordinate styles.