The 6 In. Sunstone Universal Appliance Jacket Divider expands the jacket reach by combining multiple jackets together into singular groupings. Your customized package can then be placed into the island construction within a single cut-out and with all appliances inter-connected into a single run. This saves tremendous space and creates an attractive appeal instead of having all individual jackets spaced with dead areas between them. Now have one continuous workspace connecting appliance to appliance working together as if a singular appliance. Create customized packages of Gas Grills and Side Burners, or Combo Charcoal and Gas Grill packages, the choice is yours with endless possibilities. Additionally, you can place Peg-Legs under the entire jacket grouping and place appliances on any surface. Maybe your island isn’t completed, and you want to get started grilling, or you’re doing some tailgate grilling at the big game. Connect the jackets together and place on the optional post-mounts, creating exquisite post-Grill packages with items SUNJKPOST and SUNJKWING together. There is a minor assembly for each jacket side, and to function with a center 6 In. divider all you do is not install adjacent jacket sides, either left or right depending upon which side either jacket is positioned on. Install the open left or right jacket side to each side of the center divider and you are all set. Open the connecting utility port in the divider to connect gas or electrical lines. Jackets are a safety essential when installing your burner into any outdoor kitchen or BBQ island enclosure ensuring you have adequate heat barrier and proper venting. Our jackets are made for perfect airflow with in/out vent in the lower front bottom edge and upper back edge which feature open vents allowing pass-through venting of all excess heat and dangerous gasses. The appliance is placed on top of the upper rim, so the burner is free hanging within the interior of the jacket enclosure. Convert your jacket into a Post-Mount Grill by purchasing the Jacket Side Wings & Post Mount Item No. SUNJKWING, & SUNJKPOST. Additionally, purchase the SUNJKDIV6 to expand the jacket package with multiple other appliances all within a single cut-out.
  • Lifetime Structure Warranty
  • 304 Stainless Steel Structure
  • Raises Burner 1 Inch Above Counter
  • Minor Assembly Required
  • Zero Clearance Design
  • Universally Compatible
  • Left/Right Utility Ports
  • Double Walled Barrier

6″ Sunstone Universal Appliance Jacket “Divider” – SUNJKDIV6


  • 304 Stainless Steel Structure
  • Universally Compatible
  • Product Size: 6"W x 25-3/4" D x14-1/4" H
  • Select Combo Jacket Option 1

    Build your Custom Combo Jacket Packages by grouping at least Two Jackets with the Center 6" Divider to create one massive singular jacket combo which can be installed into a single Island Cut-Out. Additionally add a Post-Mount and Wings to convert Jacket Combo into a Post-Mount Grill Combo Package.

    Select Combo Jacket Option 2

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