Hill Country Island Package

The Hill Country features an expansive cabinet island in all 304 Stainless Steel and everything you need to complete your new outdoor kitchen. Including our 42″ Pro Sear Grill, Versa Double Burner, Power Cirque Burner, Outdoor Fridge and Premium Sink.  The below customer slated to Upgrade the Ruby 5 Burner in place for our massive 42″ Dual-Zone Hybrid Gas Charcoal Grill – SUNCHDZ42.

Cabinet Island Packages

Get started now with one of our Pre-Configured Packages, offered as a base assembly of the most desired Cabinetry, Grills and Appliances all together in one dynamic package. Add onto this starter package any number or type of other Sunstone cabinetry and re-assemble the cabinets however you wish. You can also Upgrade any of the single grill heads and or other appliances on checkout on a case by case basis. We ship all complete packages within 1-3 business days or can hold any shipment for when you are ready. Each Cabinet and/or Appliance is individually wrapped, but fully assembled – just follow the easy Do-It-Yourself instructions to complete any of these packages in less than 1-Hour setup time for most packages.