Designer Wall Cabinets

Sunstone Wall Mounted Cabinets have great versatility, with all 304 Stainless Steel. They are easy to clean, light enough to mount to many wall options, but heavy enough to protect the items within. The cabinets are easy to install with a simple railing system, cabinets hook onto the rail and secure the base. Just like the base cabinets, they pin-hinge to each other and additionally they screw mount for a very sturdy and tight installation. Look at all the stainless-steel wall-mounted cabinets in this collection. We may just have one or two or more for you. 

304 Stainless Steel Construction

All our products are constructed with matching all 304 Stainless Steel, with a elegant #4 Horizontal Brushing and Polished Edges.

Easy DIY Setup

The Wall Cabinets are a breeze to install simply by mounting Top Horizontal Rail, measuring down to base of Cabinet and then mount base supporting rail, lastly just lift and Hinge cabinets on the Top Rail, while being supported at the base.

Utility Port Holes and Access

Cabinets have side by side utility ports and bottom access points which are all covered. So only open the ones you use and easily run all your utility Plumbing, or Electrical lines to the specific spot required.


Cabinets can be configured to function with multiple design setups and works above the central grill, corner locations, or prep and cleanup zones.

Sturdy Construction Framing

With all 304 Stainless Steel Construction for all products you will surely have a product which will last a lifetime. Additionally our Aruba Series Components have 18 Gauge Framing and 22 Gauge Door/Drawer Paneling and , 201 Stainless Steel Drawer Box, which is insulated inside the island from outside weather.

Wall Cabinet Accessories