Designer Appliance Cabinets

Our Appliance Cabinets are uniquely designed to accommodate the majority of industry Fridges, Wine Coolers, Kegerators, & Ice Makers out of the Box. Appliance Cabinets arrive in a package of three components, the two side partition panels and the back support panel, which allows for unlimited expandability and customization for multiple appliance runs or even sliding in your choice of Grill Cart. All Packaged come with 1-Gange Electrical Boxes in back, and the Left front panel includes a matching 304 stainless steel electrical cover. Adjacent Counter Rails can be removed for a taller appliance, even adjust the leg height for greater leeway.

304 Stainless Steel Construction

All our products are constructed with matching all 304 Stainless Steel, with a elegant #4 Horizontal Brushing and Polished Edges.

Accommodates Most Appliances

Our Appliance Fridge Cabinets are completely configurable to allow a single or multiple fridges, wine coolers, kegerators, or ice makers all in a row within a single appliance cabinet.

Utility Port Holes and Access

Cabinets have side by side utility ports and bottom access points which are all covered. So only open the ones you use and easily run all your utility Plumbing, or Electrical lines to the specific spot required.

Accommodates Unique Appliances

We offer cabinets for unlimited types of Appliances, like Warming Drawers, Bar Sinks, Cocktail Stations, Wine Coolers, Kegerators, Ice Makers, and Outdoor Fridges.

Sturdy Construction Framing

With all 304 Stainless Steel Construction for all products you will surely have a product which will last a lifetime. Additionally our Aruba Series Components have 18 Gauge Framing and 22 Gauge Door/Drawer Paneling and , 201 Stainless Steel Drawer Box, which is insulated inside the island from outside weather.

Electrical Appliances

Place either our 21″ Outdoor Rated Fridge inside the 30″ Appliance Cabinet, Item No. SAC30APC or place the 30″ Warming Drawer into either of our two Warming Drawer Cabinets, as a Single with Item No. SAC34SWC with the bottom drawer filled with an assortment of Condiment Bins for all your fresh food items, or combine a combination of two warming drawers stacked in the Double Warming Drawer Cabinet Item No. SAC34DWC.  Combine and Configure to make an exquisite outdoor kitchen all your own. 

Appliance Cocktail Station

Add our 14″ Cocktail Station all-in-one combo with Full-Kitchen-Sized Drain, Fully Insulated, and Insulated Cover for use as an Ice Chest. Even Swap multiple Accessory Trays in front between the included Speed Rail with Towel Holder for the Draft-Tray with Bottle Opener. Since the Cocktail Station can be used as a Sink or Ice Chest, this extends the possibilities endlessly, as it also includes a Cutting Board, Two Condiment Bins, an Ice Box, and a Draft Tray which functions with the ability to assign a Draft Tower to the center position and moving the faucet to the Left or Right. All of this works with either Left or Right Cabinets Item No. SAC20CSDL or SAC20CSDR.

Cabinet Island Accessories