The Sunstone 5 In. front panel 30-degree corner cabinet offers the perfect solution for creating an angled outdoor kitchen island in any open space. The cabinet extends full depth into an open back angle, with room for many top-counter appliance inserts like a corner bar sink, item no. A-SS17 or the single drop-In side burner item no. Sun13VSB-LP/NG. This cabinet comes with one-built-In covered floor access for utilities, there are no other access points in this cabinet so when installing sinks or side burners instead use extra-long flex hoses or rubber hoses for all gas/drain lines instead of fixed lines. All Sunstone cabinets are easily installed with simple pin-locks, simply lift, and drop each cabinet into each other, no tools are required for much of the installation process and most cabinet configurations can be set up in less than an hour. For full-bull nose counters – simply remove each of the cabinet counter-rail seen as the top horizontal column and overlap the counter over the front edge making for some elegant added features. The cabinet comes completely set up, only fasten each door or drawer handle, hand-screw each adjustable leg in place, and snap on the front and back kick-plate. • Lifetime Structure Warranty • 304 Stainless Steel Structure • 304 SS Rod Handles • Front & Back Kick-Plates • Removable Counter Rail • Easy Pin-Lock Installation • Optional Wheel Casters • Covered Access Ports • Replaceable Face Panel • (2) Adjustable Peg-Leg Separately purchase the Side Cabinet End Panel & End Kick-Plate Item No. SCC25KP, & SCC27EP

30 Degree Corner Cabinet w/Utility Access – SBC5C30


  • 304 Stainless Steel Structure
  • Easy Pin-Lock Installation
  • Product Size:3" W x 3" W by 30 Degree inside Radius x 28-1/4"D x 34-1/2" H (with Legs)
  • ADA Compliant Legs & Kick Plates

    (1) SAWC (2) SLWC

    Convert Cabinet to Rolling Grill Cart

    (SCC25KP) + End Panel (SCC27EP)

    Single Set of End Panel and End Kick Plate


    Transition from Cabinet to Island Construction

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    Texan Series 15 Inch Bar Sink - TEX-15SK $458.00

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    Ruby Series Counter-top or Drop-in Versa Single Burner - SUN13VSB $499.00
    Ruby Series Counter-top or Drop-in Versa Single Burner - SUN13VSB-LP $499.00
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