Enhance Your Grill's Potential with Ruby4B Grill Conversion Kits

Unveiling Versatility Through Conversion Kits

Upgrade your outdoor cooking experience with our specialized conversion kits tailored for the 36" Ruby4B Grill. Discover a new level of culinary flexibility by seamlessly transitioning your grill's fuel source. Our preconfigured parts packages empower you to convert your Ruby 4 Burner 36" grill from either Liquid Propane to Natural Gas or Natural Gas to Liquid Propane. Unlock the potential of your grill and adapt it to your preferred cooking style.

Precision Components for Seamless Conversion

Our Conversion Kits are meticulously engineered to ensure a smooth and precise transition between fuel sources. Whether you're converting from Liquid Propane to Natural Gas or vice versa, our kits include essential components like LP-Regulator, P-MAdaptor, and Ruby-RValve for Liquid Propane to Natural Gas conversion, and NG-Regulator, P-MAdaptor, and Ruby-RValve for Natural Gas to Liquid Propane conversion. Each component is designed to ensure optimal performance and safety during the conversion process.

Elevating Performance and Versatility

Enhance your grilling prowess with the Ruby4B Grill Conversion Kits. The Ruby-RValve components in each kit play a critical role in maintaining consistent heat control, allowing you to achieve those perfect sears and expertly grilled dishes. With the ability to switch between fuel sources, you can effortlessly adapt to different cooking scenarios – from hosting backyard barbecues to intimate family dinners.

Gas Conversion Kit for 36″ Ruby4B Grill


  • Ruby4B Grill fuel conversion
  • Convert from LP to NG or NG to LP
  • Precision grill fuel transformation
  • Technical grill performance upgrade
  • Conversion kit for Ruby 4 burner grill. Natural Gas to Liquid Propane conversion kit includes:

    • LP-Reg – Liquid Propane Regulator x 1
    • P-MAdaptor-LP – Manifold Adaptor x 1
    • Ruby-RValve-LP – Regular valve for Ruby grill x 4

    Conversion kit for Ruby 4 burner grill. Liquid Propane to Natural Gas conversion kit includes:

    • NG-Reg – Natural Gas Regulator x 1
    • P-MAdaptor-NG – Manifold Adaptor x 1
    • Ruby-RValve-NG – Regular valve for Ruby grill x 4
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