HILL COUNTRY 13 Foot 6 Inch Our Largest Most Expansive Island Package in all 304 Stainless Steel and everything you need to complete your new outdoor kitchen. Including our 42" Pro Sear Grill, Versa Double Burner, Power Cirque Burner, Outdoor Fridge, and Premium Sink. 42" Gas Grill 13" Double Burner. Easy Do-it-Yourself, Simply lift and snap each cabinet together into any configuration you would like, level the legs, and clip on the kick plates.

  • Hill Country Outdoor Kitchen Island with Premium Grill and Appliances
  • Included Ruby Series 5-Burner Grill for the Ultimate Grilling Experience
  • Included 24" Power Cirque™ Flat-Top Griller with up to 65,000 BTU of heat output
  • Included 13" Ruby Series™ Double Slide-in Burner with 15,000 BTU Versa Burners™
  • Included Premium Drop-in Sink W/ Hot and Cold water Faucet & Cutting Board – B-PS21 
  • Included 21″ 304 Stainless Steel Outdoor Rated Refrigerator – SAPFR21PRO 
  • Easy DIY Assembly and Customization for Your Perfect Outdoor Kitchen
  • Cabinets provide ample storage for your grilling tools, accessories, and fuel.

Experience the Ultimate Grilling with Sunstone’s Ruby Series 5-Burner Grill
Exclusive ALL 304 SS Fabricated I-Burners provide an output of up to 100,000 BTUs, while an additional 15,000 BTUs are available for the extra-wide Rotisserie Back Burner, all with integrated independent Flame-Thrower Ignition in ALL burner positions. With this powerful combination, you can grill your favorite foods to perfection every time. The cooking grids are Solid 304 Stainless Steel, with Exclusive Variable Rod Spacing on the circular inset grate, for larger items on the left and right sides and smaller items in the middle. This design allows for endless upgradability with multiple upgrades possible like the Pizza Stone, Griddle, Charcoal Tray, Deep Fryer, or Sear Pro Grate, even add an extra Warming Rack or up to two Rotisserie Rods at the same time.

Powerful and Versatile Burners
The Cabinet Package also features powerful and versatile burners that are perfect for all your outdoor cooking needs. The 24" Power Cirque™ Flat-Top Griller is equipped with three heavy-duty cast-iron Cirque™ burners that deliver up to 65,000 BTU of heat output. This is the only true circular power burner available in the market, providing an open experience for your outdoor living space. The 13" Ruby Series™ Double Slide-in Burner features two heavy-duty up to 15,000 BTU Versa Burners™ – totaling 30,000 BTUs – all brass burners with a lifetime warranty, and all 18 gauge 304 stainless steel construction. With its adjustable surround flame and raised cooking grates, it provides high-searing heat times two, perfect for wok cooking or stir-fry pan cooking.

21″ 304 Stainless Steel Outdoor Rated Refrigerator – SAPFR21PRO
Sunstone Indoor/Outdoor Rated Under Counter Refrigerator – the perfect solution for completing your outdoor kitchen space or refreshing your interior bar. This refrigerator boasts a spacious interior of 4.1 Cu. Ft. with three full-depth shelves and ample door storage, including a soda can dispenser and three side cubby shelves. This means that there is plenty of shelf space for all your favorite refreshments and perishable food items.

Premium Drop In Sink W/ Hot and Cold water Faucet & Cutting Board – B-PS21
The Sunstone Premium Styled Commercial Quality Drop-In Sink boasts a modernistic design with a zero radius, rectangle design of 21 In. x 21 in. and 9 In. Height with angled top edges. This design element adds a contemporary touch to your outdoor kitchen décor, making it a great conversation starter among your guests. It also features 45 & 90-degree angles and sharp polished edges. The Extra-Deep Sink Basin of this sink is 10 Interior Inches Height and 1 Full Foot interior height when the cover is on, allowing 2 Full Inches height for Top Cutting Board Food Cuttings. This feature makes it easy to use for preparing food and washing dishes. The Sink Package includes everything you need to get started right, including a hot/cold chrome plated faucet, matching soap dispenser, cutting board, sink basin grid, 2-inch raised cover with handle, and kitchen-sized drain. This means that you can have a fully functional sink right out of the box.

All-Inclusive Components for Ultimate Convenience The cabinet package comes complete with all the components you need to create the ultimate outdoor cooking experience. With Cabinets: The SAC46GLPCD, SCC46GTK3.25, SAC20CSDL, SCC20CTK3.75, SAC33PBDC, SBC6SPEL, SCC4SPEL & SCC4SPER, SCC21SPE, SBC24CDD, 2 of SCC25KP, 2 of SCC27EP, With Appliances: RUBY5BIR, SUN13VDB, SUN24PCB, SAPFR21PRO, B-PS21, P-Dhandle, SUN24PCB-Faucet,  cabinets provide ample storage for your grilling tools, accessories, and fuel.

Easy Assembly and Customization
The Cabinet Package is designed for easy assembly and customization. The do-it-yourself design allows you to snap together the cabinets in any configuration you desire, level the legs, and clip on the kick plates. You can customize the layout of the cabinets to create the perfect outdoor kitchen for your space and needs. Additionally, the all-inclusive components provide ample storage for your grilling tools, accessories, and fuel, ensuring that everything you need is within arm's reach.

(The countertop is Not Included in this Package)

HILL COUNTRY 13 Foot 6 Inch Our Largest Most Expansive Island Package – SCPHILLCOUNTRY


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