Return Policy

We always strive to do our best, however, if we made an error on your order please accept our apologies, contact us and we will make it right. Exchanges and returns are accepted within 30 days of the shipment. The customer is responsible for all return freight charges unless the error is on our part. All returned goods must be in new condition and in original cartons and be well packed.

  • Items cannot have been installed or used.
  • We accept returns on any item that was placed on our website only, if your purchase was through one of our dealers, you must process your return with that specific company you purchased from only, please see the additional criteria below:
  • Returns need to be made within 60 days of original purchase, in original packaging, and unused for a full refund (Minus a 15% Restocking Fee).
  • We Highly Recommend You insure the products when shipping back to us, return will be rejected if the product is received damaged and you will need to file your own shipping claim.
  • If the product is returned undamaged and in Original Packaging, but with some packaging damage, we charge a 15% Repackaging Fee.

When shipping products back to us, Please enclose a printed copy of your Purchase Order with the Company you purchased from inside the box, Do Not make any marks, or writings on the box anywhere or you will be charged 15% repackaging fee.

Please allow 2-4 business days once the product is received for us to complete processing, Once a credit is issued it can take around 48 hours for you to see the deposit in your bank account.

We do not accept any other product returns if they do not meet any of the above requirements. 

Shipping & Delivery

Freight and Damaged Goods Policy: If you received an item that appears to have been damaged in transit, call us immediately at 800-934-9449 OR 512-487-5116, preferably while the driver is still there. If you do not inspect your shipment for damages within 48 Hours, we cannot be responsible for freight damages. When goods leave our dock, they are in perfect condition.

Larger (freight) shipments are curb-side only. A signature and possibly assistance may be required for unloading. We will work with you to arrange a delivery date and time, but the final details will be between you and the freight carrier.

You can trust that your order will be quickly processed and safely delivered. We can ship products anywhere in the contiguous United States. 

Steps for handling freight shipments:


Look at the shipment when it arrives along with the Driver’s Receipt — DR (slip of paper the driver will have you sign). 

Make sure all freight is there. 

For Example, if your Delivery Reciept states 5 pieces make sure all 5 pieces are there. 

If not, go ahead and accept the shipment and note how many pieces you actually received and how many are short, then contact us with the details of the missing piece(s) ASAP.

Details of exactly WHICH package(s) are missing may be determined by comparing the item(s) received versus the packing slip. This information is necessary for us to communicate to the freight lines as to the size and markings of the box that we are looking for. When you let us know WHICH package(s) are missing, we know what the package looks like. We will perform a dock search to see if it can be found and a claim can be avoided.

Thoroughly examine all of the freight.

Damage to the exterior of the package(s)-

If there appears to be damage on the exterior of the package(s), then you have the right to ask for the package(s) to be opened to inspect the contents or to open it yourself to inspect it before signing the driver’s receipt. Do not reject the shipment.

  • After inspecting the inside of the package(s) and it appears the product IS NOT DAMAGED, sign for the shipment as received in full.
  • You may not damage on the exterior of the package(s) on the driver’s receipt.
  • If after inspecting the inside of the package you find that the freight IS DAMAGED:
  • No identifiable damage to the package(s):

It is still recommended that you inspect the contents of the shipment.

  • If there isn’t damage to the freight, then go ahead and sign for your shipment as received in full and intact.       
  • If you later notice damage after the driver is gone, this is considered concealed damage. Take photos of the original carton showing no damage and the damage to the goods and email them to us at the address below.
  • For concealed damage, a claim must be filed within 48 Hours of the date of delivery.

NOTE: it is very difficult to get paid on these types of claims, therefore-check all packages carefully, upon arrival, as pointed out above.

For freight shipments, it is also wise to write “Not inspected for concealed damage” on the paperwork before accepting the merchandise.

FedEx and UPS claims are usually resolved within 14 business days. All claims that involve Freight Shippers may take up to 120 calendar days to resolve. We will do our best to accommodate all requests for replacement goods prior to the shipper resolving the claim but we do not guarantee this for every shipment.

IMPORTANT! ALL LTL DELIVERIES ARE CURBSIDE UNLESS WHITE GLOVE FEES ARE PAID. By signing the Delivery Report with no notes of damages you are accepting the goods as in good condition. All reports must be made within 48 hours after delivery. We cannot file claims with the shipper after this and you will be responsible for repairs or replacements. If you decide to leave a note and are not present at the time of delivery this is the same as you are signing for the delivery without exception.

For more questions, [email protected] or 888-934-9449

Warranty Replacement

We offer different types of warranty per each individual product, see the specific product warranty for exact details. For all warranty replacements we ask for a copy of the Purchase Receipt you have with the Company you purchased from. This is required to show the date of purchase and to confirm you are the original purchaser. Our product warranties Do Not extend to second owners of the product, only to original purchasers. Product warranties are Not renewed each time you replace any specific part of your product under warranty. Our product warranties cover parts only, they do not include the cost of shipping or installation of any specific part.

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