Sunstone® Series 24″ Power Cirque™ Solid Steel Griddle, features Three heavy-duty Cast-Iron Cirque™ burners totaling up to 65,000 BTU recessed into a Ceramic Heat Insulator making this the ONLY true circular power burner available in the market. Cooking on a Circular Cooktop provides an open experience for your outdoor living space. The circular cooktop gives you ease of use and serving to your family and since essentially all cooking accessories are round this provides a perfectly balanced heat distribution for your Stock Pots or Cooking Pans. Accenting this burner is the impressive LED lighting enabling you to use your burner in the late evening hours, and never miss a beat while you’re grilling it up for the whole family in any way you wish – the Power Cirque Burner has you covered.

Pre-Packaged with Special Price
Offered here as a Package at a Special Price with 65,000 BTU 3 Burner Base, 19″ Solid Steel Griddle w/Oil Pan and included Vinyl Cover to protect your investment.

Included Massive 19” Dia. Solid Steel Mongolian Style Griddle
The Massive 19″ Diameter Solid Steel Mongolian Style Griddle! Not only does it boast a non-stick finish for easy cleaning, but it also comes with an oil drip pan that ensures a clean cooking surface every time. The griddle is perfect for family grilling! Its large size can accommodate multiple food items at once, making it a great choice for big family meals. Plus, the unique Mongolian style cooking method adds a distinct flavor to your dishes that will surely impress your guests and family. So why settle for a regular griddle when you can have a Mongolian style griddle for your next family barbecue.

Included Power Cirque Vinyl Cover
The Cover provides the ultimate protection and is made from heavy-duty material, this cover is designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions, including rain, wind, storm, intense sunshine, dust, and snow. It provides waterproof protection to keep your appliance dry, dustproof to keep it clean, and anti-UV to protect it from the sun’s harmful rays.

Upgrade with the 20″ Dia. 3-IN-1 Raised Cooking Grates
The 20″ Dia. 3-IN-1 Raised Cooking Grates are constructed of all 304 Stainless Steel 5/8″ Rod Construction. The Raised Cooking Grates provide all surround evenly distributed flame with superior airflow around the burner for for grilling perfection. Grill Steaks and Burgers right on the grill top just like any traditional grill, or remove 1 or 2 inside circular grates and place the largest WOK for Stir-Fry Pan Cooking.

Upgrade with the 24″ DIA. Large Hood with Exhaust/Temperature Gauge & Sturdy Handle
The Hood is a high-quality addition to your outdoor kitchen Power Cirque Burner.  This hood is designed to fit over your grill, providing protection from the elements and allowing you to cook comfortably in any weather. The large Vented Cover with an Adjustable Smoke/Heat Exhaust and built-in Temperature Gauge makes it easy to cover your cooktop, ensuring that your food is cooked to perfection. This is an excellent hood for baking breads and the most delicious evenly cooked Pizza.

Upgrade with the 15″ Dia. Pizza Stone
Sunstone® Series 24″ Power Cirque™ Burner is best for all you Pizza Lovers, because with the Circular Ceramic Base with large circular burners giving even heat across the cooking area, toppled with the included Cover acting as a oven, you can cook the most delicious tasting and perfectly cooked pizza. Simply slide your pizza dough with toppings onto the baking stone and let it turn golden and crisp in the oven as the claystone absorbs moisture from the crust. The Pizza Stone retains heat even when out of the oven, keeping your delicious homemade creation hot and fresh for everyone to enjoy.

Upgrade with the Cold-Water Pot Filler
Place the Cold Water Pot Filler on either the Left or Right back side for easy Stock-Pot filling or use with any Wok. The Faucet has a Flexible Neck making it easy to flex and bend into the perfect position for either tall or short pots or woks.

  • Up-to 65,000 BTU Triple Cirque™ Cast Burners 
  • Included – 19” DIA. Solid Steel Griddle w/Oil Pan
  • Included – Vinyl Cover to Protect your Investment
  • Upgrade – 3-In-1 Solid 304 SS 20” DIA. Cooking Grate
  • Upgrade – 15” DIA. Pizza Stone w/Elevation
  • Upgrade – 24″ DIA. 304 SS Large Vented Cover w/Temp. Gauge 
  • Upgrade – Cold Water Pot Filler w/Flex Neck
  • All Piezo Valve Safety Shut-Off Ignition
  • High to Low temperature range
  • Lifetime Warranty Burner
  • Limited Lifetime Material
  • Configured for Liquid Propane


Sunstone® 24” Power Cirque™ “Solid Steel Griddle” – SUN24PCB-GD-LP


In stock

  • Up-to 65,000 BTU Triple Cirque™ Burners
  • 19” DIA. Solid Steel Griddle w/Oil Pan
  • Piezo Valve Safety Shut-Off Ignition
  • Configured for Liquid Propane
  • Product Size: 24" W x 18-1/2" H x 26-1/2" D"
  • Cut-Out Size: 22-3/4" W x 22-1/2" D x 10 H
  • Confirm Gas Type *

    Gas Type is Pre-Configured as Liquid Propane (LP), select Natural Gas if you would like instead configure for (NG)

    10 Piece BBQ Tool Set
    Mist have Two Vents for every Grill Installation
    Stainless Steel Sealer & Restoration
    Product price: $2,499.00
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    24″ Power Cirque™ Burner – Item No: SUN24PCB:
    24″ W x 18-1/2″ H x 26-1/2″ D” (Product Size)
    22-1/4″ W x 22-1/4″ D x 9″ H (Firebox Size)
    22-3/4″ W x 22-1/2″ D x 10″ H (Cut out Size)
    110 LBS (Product Weight)
    31″ x 22″ x27″ (Package Size) 120 LBS Gross Weight

    Material Specifications:
    18 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel for 19″ Burner; 16 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel for Griddle; 20 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel for Hood; 18 Gauge 304 Stainless steel Body and control panel. 20 Gauge 304 for Drip Tray.

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