Experience versatile outdoor cooking with the Sunstone® Ruby Series Companion Pro™, a multi-functional burner that features infrared burners of up to 30,000 BTUs. The Companion Pro allows you to grill, sear, griddle, charcoal smoke, deep fry, and steam, all in one burner. Whether you’re in the mood for a juicy steak, a delicious griddle-cooked breakfast, or crispy fried chicken, this grill has got you covered. With a range of inserts to choose from, including the Solid Steel Griddle, Charcoal Tray, Deep Fryer, and Pro-Searing Grid, you can easily upgrade your cooking experience and get the best flavors out of your food.

Accented LED Light and Versatile Cooking Experience
The Sunstone® Ruby Series Companion Pro™ is built to last, with 304 stainless steel construction and components that are durable and rust-resistant. The LED accent control panel light provides easy visibility and control of the temperature settings, while the removable cover ensures easy cleaning and maintenance. The base burner includes a 304 SS Cooking Grid and a Flavorizer Warming Rack, both of which are included.

Upgrade with Multiple Inserts
For those who want to take their outdoor cooking to the next level, the Companion Pro™ offers several upgrade options, including the Solid Steel Griddle, which allows for even heat distribution and easy cleaning; the Charcoal Burn Tray, which provides a smoky flavor to your food; the Deep Fryer with a commercial-sized basket, cover, and elevated steamer, for perfect crispy fried food every time; and the Pro-Searing Grate, which features perforated holes across the bottom, allowing for searing temperatures on demand up to 1200 degrees. Additionally, the adjustable vent ensures consistent high-performance grilling and safety, making this grill perfect for any outdoor cooking enthusiast.

Upgrade Companion Pro Hood with Warming Rack
Remake your Companion Pro Burner, into a Standalone Griller with the Companion Pro Hood is an exceptional enhancement to the Companion Pro Burner. This hood transforms an already remarkable Companion Pro Burner into a standalone all-in-one grill, giving you the ability to use it even on breezy days, without any flareups, while also adding an extra layer of protection. The built-in back venting system allows for proper airflow and faster heat-up times, but make sure to open the Companion Pro Grill’s back vent panel when installing the hood.

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 304 Stainless Steel Components
  • Up-to 30,000 BTU Dual Infrared Burners
  • LED Accent Control Panel Light
  • Removable Cover (Included)
  • 304 Rod Cooking Grid (included)
  • Flavorizer Warming Rack (Included)
  • Companion Pro Grillers Hood w/Warming Rack (Upgrade)
  • Solid Steel Griddle (Upgrade)
  • Charcoal Burn Tray (Upgrade)
  • Deep Fryer w/Basket (Upgrade)
  • Pro-Searing Grate (Upgrade)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Configured for Liquid Propane

Ruby Series 13″ Companion Pro – SUN13CPRO-LP


In stock

  • Up-to 30,000 BTU Dual Infrared Burners
  • Piezo Valve Ignition
  • 220 Sq. Inch of Cooking Space
  • Configured for Liquid Propane
  • Product Size: 13"W x 26" D x 12-3/4" H
  • Cut-Out Size: 11" W x 22" D x 10-1/2"H
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    Gas Type is Pre-Configured as Liquid Propane (LP), select Natural Gas if you would like instead configure for (NG)

    Griller Hood w/Temperature Gauge, Large Handle, Warming Rack, Vented Back
    Stainless Steel Sealer & Restoration
    Mist have Two Vents for every Grill Installation
    Product price: $888.00
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    Sunstone® Ruby Series 13″Companion Pro:
    13″W x 26″ D x 12-3/4″ H (Product Size)
    11″ W x 22″ D x 10-1/2″H (Cut out)
    44 LBS (Product Weight)
    30″W x 16″ D x15″ H (Package Size)
    49 LBS (Package Weight)

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