• Manifold Adaptor from Natural Gas to Liquid Propane (3/8")
  • Manifold Adaptor from Liquid Propane to Natural Gas (1/2")

This Manifold Adaptor is a simple and easy-to-use device that allows you to go from a (NG) to (LP) gas source to a gas grill source. The (NG to LP) gas adapter is designed to fit 1/2" gas lines, while the (LP) gas adapter is designed to fit 3/8" gas lines and features durable construction for long-term use. Using the proper gas adapter with either 1/2" for (NG) or 3/8" for (LP) is important for proper gas burner combustion. If your grill is (LP) but you're using a 1/2" Adapter with 1/2" gas line you will have way too much gas flow, likewise, if you are using an (NG) gas grill with a 3/8" adapter with 3/8" gas line you will have a greatly lowered gas pressure and volume and your grill will not perform properly. The adapter also has an easy installation process and provides a secure connection so you can use your gas line safely and with confidence. This adaptor is perfect for those who need to convert from liquid propane to natural gas, and it is sure to provide reliable performance.

Manifold Adaptor – P-Madaptor


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