The Bellagio Island boasts a stylish and inviting atmosphere with its spacious design and smooth, rounded edges. This large outdoor bar design features two elevated social bar ends, providing ample space for entertainment. With the package, customers receive not only the impressive bar but also a Sunstone 4 Burner Grill, a Side Burner, an Ice Chest Cocktail Center, an Outdoor Fridge, and various other Signature Components.

As a bonus, those who purchase the Bellagio Island package will receive a free Outdoor Kitchen Design with detailed construction diagrams. These diagrams can be used as a blueprint for an exact replica of the design or as a starting point for creating a personalized outdoor kitchen. Whether you are a contractor or a DIY enthusiast, Bellagio Island and its accompanying components offer high-quality functionality for your outdoor entertainment space.

"This design was inspired by our President Zeke and his time spent in Las Vegas where he created many of these outdoor kitchens for customers in Nevada and California. The Bellagio features curved social bars and a comprehensive selection of Sunstone Ruby Grills, bar centers, refrigerators, and other components that work together in perfect harmony. Customers love this design for its unique features and functionalities."

Included Products

  • FREE Outdoor Kitchen Design
  • Bellagio Island: spacious all-social bar design
  • Raised social bar ends on either side
  • Includes Sunstone 4 Burner Grill, Side Burner, Ice Chest Cocktail Center, Outdoor Fridge, Vents, and Signature Components
  • Free Outdoor Kitchen Design with detailed construction diagrams included
  • Can be used as a blueprint or inspiration for a unique design.
  • 10'-8-3/4" Component Run
  • 14' Island Design Length

Bellagio 14ft Island Design with Grill and Component Package – SKPBellagio


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Confirm if your gas hookup is for Liquid Propane (LP), or Natural Gas (NG), we ship appliances in either type and includes the Regulator and short Hose.

Package Upgrades

Add Infra-Red Burner w/Rotisserie Kit
Upgrade Double Side Burner w/Companion Pro
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The Bellagio Island is an outdoor bar with raised social bar ends, smooth rounded edges, and a spacious design. Comes with Sunstone Grill, Side Burner, Ice Chest Cocktail Center, Fridge, and Signature Components. Free Outdoor Kitchen Design with diagrams included for exact replicas or unique design inspiration.

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