Outdoor Kitchen Components

Sunstone Island Components are an essential part of building a successful outdoor kitchen, and proper ventilation is key to ensuring the safety and efficiency of your cooking space. Sunstone offers a range of vents that can meet your specific needs. When using natural gas or liquid propane, it’s important to install at least two vents in the proper position: high for natural gas and low for liquid propane, to ensure proper ventilation and prevent the buildup of dangerous gases.

Sunstone Island Components also include a variety of other items necessary for a successful outdoor cooking space, including fridge trims to enhance the look of your outdoor refrigerator. The Sunstone Designer Series Raised Style 30″ Width by 23″ Height Double Door with inside Shelf is an excellent addition to any outdoor kitchen. These double doors are specially designed to be the same consistent 23″ height as all other Designer Series components, providing a true designer-friendly appeal. Each door accommodates oversized grill tools and spices, and the inside shelf adds extra storage space.

Sunstone Island Components are designed with a focus on quality and functionality, making them a perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen project. Whether you’re a professional builder or a DIY enthusiast, Sunstone Island Components offer a complete professional solution at an affordable price.