Ruby Series Versa Burners & Grillers

Expand your Ruby Grill’s reach with adding one of our Versatile Side Burners and Grillers. Our side burners enable you to Grill, Sear, Deep Fryer, Charcoal, Sauté Fish, Boil, and Steam your Vegetables. Side Burners allow the most Versatility in your Outdoor Kitchen Cooking Experience. Place a single burner like our Companion Pro Grill which on its own can enable you to have all the functions within any side burner and have all the extra upgrade options, or add multiple together making a true culinary experience.

Complimentary Design w/Grill

Place Single Burner on Table

Great for Singular Burner locations

Great with Prep & Clean Up Zone

Lifetime Warranty Brass Burners

Ruby Series Companion Pro Grillers

The Companion Pro functions as either a Side Burner and the perfect companion with any of our Ruby or Sunstone Hybrid Grills. Or use it completely on its own as a fully functional grill with all the features of most conventional gas grills, and with added benefits like the versatility of swapping out inserts. Additionally add the new Companion Pro Hood, and insulate your grilling against wind and outdoor weather while you continue grilling, also makes using the charcoal or smoking function much better. 

Swap Grill Inserts between any of our Ruby or Hybrid Grills

Maximize your Grilling Zone by expanding your usable space

Companion Pro is the Safe Place for the Deep Fryer

Burn Charcoal or Wood

Griddle Eggs, Pancakes, bacon

Sear at Maximum Temperatures

Steam all your Vegetables

Fry Shrimp, Breaded Chicken

Ruby Series Versa Burner Island Jackets

Convert any Grill into a Post-Mount, with our Appliance Jacket, Post Mount, and Wings. Add a little setup time, by simply mounting the Post to the ground, and run any gas or electrical lines up and through the Post. Be sure and properly secure the Post to your concrete, using included anchor bolts. Next, mount the Jacket to the Post

The jacket is a safety essential when installing your appliance into any outdoor kitchen or BBQ island enclosure ensuring you have adequate heat barrier and proper air circulation venting.  The jackets are Insulated Double Walled Construction in all 304 Stainless Steel with a sturdy self-supporting raised ledge around the sides and back that adds one more layer of quality to your outdoor kitchen. The Jackets are made for perfect air flow with in/out vent in the lower front bottom edge and upper back edge which feature open vents allowing pass-through venting of all excess heat and dangerous gasses.

Ruby Series Versa Burner Base Cabinets

Create exquisite outdoor cabinet islands or place them individually within any island construction type, making easy use of the cabinet-included storage compartment and slide-out tray perfect for any trash bin, or propane tank. 

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