Sunstone Post Mount Grills

Discover the Benefits of Sunstone Post-Mount Grill Packages for Your Outdoor Cooking Space

Sunstone Post-Mount Grill Packages offer a range of options for users who want a secure and stable grilling station for their outdoor space. These packages include Post Mount and Deck BBQ Grills, which are designed for those who know where they want their grill. These packages are an excellent alternative for Apartment Communities or Commercial Venues for outdoor dining. 

Upgrade Your Outdoor Entertaining with Sunstone Post-Mount and Deck BBQ Grills

Post Mount Grills are typically Mounted to the Cement around the perimeter of your deck or patio, and can also be mounted to your Deck and are light enough that they can be mounted on a High-Rise Patio Overhang. These grills provide a stable and secure base for your outdoor cooking and are ideal for those who want a permanent grilling station. Post Mount Grill  Jackets can be installed as standalone or in combo groups with other appliances and grills.

Sunstone’s Post-Mount and Deck BBQ Grills: Ideal for Campsites, Apartment Complexes, and Other Common Areas

These grilling packages are ideal for those who want a secure and stable grilling station but may not want to cement their grill into the ground. Post Mount Grills are also commonly used at campsites, apartment complexes, or other common areas where the grill is required to be anchored down. Sunstone Post-Mount Grill Packages provide a complete outdoor cooking solution that includes everything you need for a successful grilling experience. 

Post-Mount Grill Features

Post Mount Grills

Convert any Grill into a Post-Mount, with our Appliance Jacket, Post Mount, and Wings. Add a little setup time, simply mounting the Post to the ground, run any gas or electrical lines up and through the Post. Be sure and properly secure the Post to your concrete, using included anchor bolts. Next mount the Jacket to the Post

Grill Jackets Extension Divider

The Divider expands the jacket reach by combining multiple jackets together into singular groupings. Your customized package can then be placed into the island construction within a single cut-out and with all appliances inter-connected into a single run. This saves tremendous space and creates an attractive appeal instead of having all individual jackets spaced with dead areas between them. Now we have one continuous workspace connecting appliance to appliance working together as if it were a singular appliance. Create customized packages of Gas Grills and Side Burners, or Combo Charcoal and Gas Grill packages, the choice is yours with endless possibilities. Connect the jackets together and place them on the post-mounts, creating exquisite post-Grill packages.