Classic Series Flush Style

The Sunstone Classic Series, Flush Style creates a High Quality yet Cost-Effective alternative to complete your outdoor kitchen.

Great for Stone Veneer, Brick, Stucco or Concrete Finishes with its Heavy-Duty 304 Stainless Steel and 16 Gauge door frame and 18 Gauge panels it will hold stronger against the weather and usage over time. Find everything you need with the largest variety of all our component lines. All Classic Series Doors & Drawer Components blend perfectly with all other Sunstone Doors and Drawers, unlike many other competing doors who have limited selection, this is just one of many options in all similar matching Doors and Drawers for your outdoor kitchen.

304 Stainless Steel Construction

All our products are constructed with matching all 304 Stainless Steel, with a elegant #4 Horizontal Brushing and Polished Edges.

Soft-Close Drawer Tracks

With Self-Closing Drawer Tracks you can ensure your drawers close tight keeping your internal items dry from rain or windy conditions.

Accommodates Propane Tank

For any Liquid Propane Appliance the easiest gas installation is using a portable propane tank which easily connects from below.

Attractive Flush Design

The Classic Series Doors are the Most Sleek and Stylish of all our many series of components with its even #4 Light Brushed Finishes, it shines and glimmers in the sun light complementing your Outdoor Kitchen and all the effort you are putting in, you will cherish the complimenting durability and good looks that our Doors provide, more than just functional access doors but a true example of your Outdoor Living Lifestyle.

Multiple Installation Types

The Classic Series Doors are designed for Stone Veneer, Brick and Stucco or Concrete Finishes. They have a 1-5/8” deep install flange – enough to secure against the internal framing of most outdoor kitchen islands, and it has a 1-1/2” Outer Flange which rest against the finished wall covering the Rough Cut-Out Edge Line.

Sturdy Construction Framing

The Doors are made with all 16 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel, with a Solid Internal Framed Construction. The Door Frame is 16 Gauge – this thicker material means the door frame and panels hold stronger against the weather and usage over time, while the Door Panel is 18 Gauge, and is Framed Inward to insure the doors Hold Strong over many years of regular usage.

Pre-Cut Mounting Holes w/Flange

Door Gas/Heat Venting

Multiple Installation Types

Wide Flush Style Flange

Interchangeable Door Handles

Sturdy Framing & Simple Install

ODK Component Parts

Mix and Match your handles with the components, sinks, and ice chest or if you are combining multiple components of different series together, matching the handles can be the easiest way to coordinate styles. 


All Sunstone Doors are “Self-Rimming”, meaning that whatever the Cut-Out edge looks like, as it is always rough, the product rim will cover all edges, so that the door nicely seals around edge. All Cut-Out dimensions are given with a little breathing room to allow for any mistakes made, like either slightly larger or smaller is usually fine. For a perfect weather seal – try using some Clear Silicone around outside edge of frame. 


Once the Door is positioned, locate the multiple “Pre-Drilled Holes” – see that the Island’s Framing is within reach of your Screws. Depending on how Thick your exterior wall is, you may need to locate some longer screws, and or use in conjunction “L-Brackets” in order to extend the inside reach to your islands frame. Make sure you are using the correct style of door that works with your unique island construction method. 


The best method to properly align the door centered in your Cut-Out is to Drill Adjacent Screws, Left then Right, Up then Down and so on until door is perfectly centered. While some screws may not meet the framing – that is OK so long as the Door feels sturdy. If you have not already installed the Handles – Please do that now, handles come packaged pinned inside the frame or screwed to inside panel of door, so you may just need to reverse them using a Philips Head Screw Driver. 

Match Component with your unique Construction Method

For Wood, Welded, or Metal Stud framed construction were the finished wall is using Medium-Flat surfaces like Stucco, Dryvit or Veneer Brick, our Sunstone Classic Series Flush Style Doors, or Signature Series Beveled Style Doors  are perfect options. For Masonry Style Construction Islands, we recommend our Designer Series Raised Style Doors because of their Extra-Deep inner Flange making it much easier to install, also the Signature Series Beveled Style Doors work well also. The Classic Series Flush Style is typically not great for Masonry or Stone Veneer finished walls. 

Metal Stud Framed Island

This is the most common type of Outdoor Kitchen Islands, for most “Modular Type” Islands, and even many islands built on-site use Metal Studs as their choice of construction material. It is a superb building material for many reason, easy to work with, fire-proof, and sturdy as it is available in many Gauge thickness for whatever the use. When installing your Door or Component with this type of construction, you will need to use a “Self-Tapping Screw’s” – which are available in bulk at any local Hardware Store.

Aruba Components are ideal for Steel Stud Modular Island Construction, since the finish wall is usually within 6 Inches once you add the finishing Cement-Board, and Stucco Finish. You can also combine the finish wall with Veneer Stone, just be sure to find a stone which is thinner witch still allows the inner door flange to mount, as the flange extends into the island structure by 1-3/4 Inches. Within the inner mounting flange there are pre-cut slots you can mount to interior cut-out structure. 

Masonry Installation

The use of Masonry materials is very common among Contractors/Pool Builders, who use materials like Cinder Blocks very often preferring this type of construction for it’s Low-Cost attributes and easier building methods. If your Island is built in this way, you must pay closer attention to the Cut-Out Width & Height, since the average Block Height is 4″, 8″ or 12″ Inches and will not allow for any variance to these measurements without actually cutting into the stone. Use a Hammer-Drill and a Concrete Drill Bit to make the Holes, then use the Hammer-Drill once again this time using a Self-Tapping Concrete Bolt. Other methods include using the masonry’s concrete mortar around back frame of door, or even using “Nail-Glue”, important note – for either of these other methods you will not be able to remove your door later if needed. Locate The Hammer-Drill, Concrete Drill Bit in the Hardware Section, or Concrete & Masonry Blocks in the Building Materials Section of your local Hardware Store. 

Wood Framed Island

IMPORTANT: Do Not have Combustible Materials within 24 Inches of any Gas/Electric Appliance. Additionally, we do not endorse or recommend using combustible materials to construct your outdoor kitchen island.

For Wood Framed Island Construction is is Extremely important Not to use any wood within 24 Inches of BBQ Grills. Wood framed is fine for Bar/Sink areas and or Storage compartments. If your island is mostly wood, just substitute for Metal Studs while within the 24 Inches of BBQ Grill or Burner. When installing a Door or Component to all Wood Framed Islands, locate the Pre-Drilled holes on the inside rim of Door perimeter. Locate some “Deck Screws” from your local Hardware Store.