Masonry Raised Style Components

The Masonry Raised Doors were originally made to work perfectly with Masonry Built Islands, with the extra-deep flange at 4 Inches, and Raised Frame of 1 Inch making it ideal for almost any masonry installation. The Doors have a 180 Degree Hinge, and because of the raised frame, the doors would not hit the adjacent stone wall. In addition, all doors are Double Paneled which adds to the total durability and weight. All doors have adjustable height Speed Rails for all your BBQ Tools. As we felt this door was overbuilt and fetched a high price that at the time priced it out of the market. Now you can buy one of these doors at a Clearance Deal. 

Premium Raised Style Components

The Premium Doors are our oldest door style originating from the very beginning of our company inception. They are well made and raised over 2 Inches off the finished wall, with elegant, angled edges with polished accents. The doors have a built-in Speed Rail and deep flange suitable for Masonry Islands or any other. The only issue is they don’t function well for islands with rough stones and that is why we discontinued them, but because they are still a favorite among many of our oldest dealers, we still produce a limited supply, and available to you at a discount. 

Universal Grill Jacket w/Drawer

These are our original Grill Jackets which are uniquely designed with a full-width bottom drawer. They were immensely popular in their day with the great functionality of the drawer. These jackets were designed for our older Sunstone Gas Grills, in 42″, 34″, and 28″ models, whereas the new Ruby Gas Grills do not exactly match the same sizes we decided to discontinue the Jacket model. Currently the 42″ Jacket model still works with the 42″ Ruby Grill, and we provide Sleeve Dimensions that you may check if your grill with work in any of these two Grill Jackets. 

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