Appliance Cabinet Panels

Sunstone Appliance Panels provide an intuitive way of configuring multiple appliance types, like Outdoor Fridges, Wine Coolers, Kegerators, and Ice Makers all within a singular run. The panels enable your Outdoor Kitchen Island bar zone to be configured into unlimited variations. Place the Spacer Cabinet between two adjacent Appliance Pannels to extend the run even further with multiple configurations and appliance types. Must use the Combo Left and Right Partition Panels with every Appliance Panel Package. See pre-configured packages SAC24APC, SAC30APC, and SAC34APC. 

Appliance Panel Packages

Pre-Configured Appliance panels can be ordered in a Set, with a Single Back Panel, and Left, Right Side Panels. The three individually packaged panels can be easily configured within minutes with Pin-Lock Installation and adjacent Bolts to tighten the grip between individual panels. Then level the legs and connect with any other cabinets in your island configuration. You can start with any of these packages, and then add to it by simply purchasing an additional back panel is sizes of 15, 21, and 25 Inch Panels. 

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