Outdoor Bar Sinks

Sunstone offers the widest variety of professional-grade all 304 stainless steel Outdoor Sinks and Bar Stations, all perfectly designed for the outdoors with covers to keep out debris and complimentary features like Hot/Cold Faucets, Soap Dispensers, Kitchen Sized Drains and various inset components like strainers and cutting boards. Check out our Bar Sink Cocktail Ice Chest Stations witch can be used as your main sink with a kitchen-sized drain or ice chest storage, premium large drop in sinks with cutting board and cover, and a mix of Over/Under sinks which can be installed as either drop-in or under-mount. In addition, we are now offering multiple options of ADA Compliant bar sinks, one as our 37″ double sink or the 20″ single drop-in sink bot options come complete with Faucet and Soap Dispenser.

Product Spotlight

Premium Drop-in Sink Package

Item No. B-PS21

Sunstone® Premium Styled Commercial Quality Drop-In Sink is hand-built with Food-Safe all 304 Stainless Steel 18 Gauge Material Grades, it is designed as a zero radius, rectangle design 21 x 21- and 9-Inch Height with angled top edges complimenting a modernistic element to your outdoor kitchen. This Sink Model is consentingly one of Sunstone Top Rated and Highest Selling Products.

Included Cutting Board, & Sink Basin Grid

This sink is offered as a complete package deal with Hot/Cold Faucet, Soap Dispenser, Cutting Board, Sink Grid, and Large Sturdy Cover.

3-3/4 Inch Drain Well – Works w/most Garbage Disposals

Unlike most outdoor sinks which only have a small drain, our sink features a Kitchen Sized drain, with strainer which is also compatible with most Garbage Disposals.

Food Safe - 304 Stainless Steel Interior & Exterior

If installing it in a Commercial Venue, or Private Residence, you want to know the quality of the material won't be hazardous to your health. With all our sinks we use all 304 Stainless Steel Food Safe Material Grades.

Complete your outdoor kitchen space with a well-planned Prep & Cleanup Zone, with a vast assortment of options from either Drop-in or Undermount Styles – with Sunstone we have you covered. The utmost popular sink is our Premium Drop-in Sink since it comes with everything you need to get started outright, like the include Hot/Cold Faucet, Soap Dispenser, Cutting Board & Raised 304 Stainless Steel Cover allowing a larger variety of cuttings to be sealed within the sink cutting board below. 

Regular Price $458.00 incl.VAT

Complete your Clean and Prep Zone with any of Sunstone’s Ice Chest or Bar Centers for every requirement. Best of all check out the 14″ Cocktail Ice Chest Station which doubles as a Sink with a Kitchen Sized Drain, and fully insulated walls and cover for ice storage. Match with other sinks with the Over/Under Ice Bin or our Classic large Ice Chest. 

Regular Price $328.00 incl.VAT
Regular Price $768.00 incl.VAT

The shallow sink basin is ideal for a wide range of uses and includes sturdy covers which help keep outside debris from getting in. The sink Package includes everything you need to get to started out right, hot/cold faucet, soap dispenser, and kitchen sized drains, also adaptable for most garbage disposals.

Sunstone offers the Best-in-Class Outdoor Rated Fridge with all 304 Stainless Steel exteriors at the most affordable price. With ample room for all your Chilled Drinks and Food Items, keeping inside a nice 20 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature outside on average. In addition, our newest appliance is the 30″ Warming Drawer with all Digital Control Panels. This drawer heats to 220 degrees and is uniquely designed so it can be stacked with multiple units with adjustable peg legs. Even swap out the face panel and match it with other Designer Series Components. 

Regular Price $1,288.00 incl.VAT

Compliment your new Outdoor Kitchen Space with a selection of convenient Shelves, Speed Rail, or Bar and Draft Tenders. The Shelving or Speed Rail can be installed Standalone or within a group on any vertical wall or island exterior surface, and are great for storing extra accessories, BBQ Sauces, or Grilling Tools. Either the Shelf or Speed Rail also accommodates the Sunstone Kamado Grill Cabinet base providing an additional cleanup or storage solution. Check out the Bar Caddy with its Towel Holder or the Draft Drink Tender with included Bottle Cap Opener and collection drip pan. These are great with our Sunstone Cocktail Pro or can be installed separately on any exterior finish wall.

Regular Price $98.00 incl.VAT