Outdoor Cocktail Stations

Make your Outdoor Prep and Cleanup Zone Shine with one of our Insulated Ice Chests or Professionally Styled Cocktail Station and use it as Bar Sink or Ice Chest, your choice. The Cocktail also features a cutting board, condiment, and ice bins, and amazingly you can place your Draft Tower centered in a place of the faucet, moving it to the left and having a truly professional feel to your bar station. Add a side Ice Bin like the B-IC14 or TEX-15IC and instead of having a bulky fridge below, instead, place our drop-in Ice Chest  with tilt back hood. 

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Ruby Series 14″ Bar Sink Cocktail Ice Chest

Item No. B-RBC14


Sunstone® Ruby Series 14” Bar Sink & Cocktail Station with fully Insulated sink basin and double-walled insulated cover allows you to use it as Ice Chest and Bar Sink in one with its Kitchen Size Drain. The Bar & Cocktail Station is your perfect all-in-one Cocktail Drink Mixing Station, Cut & Clean Cutting Board, Drink Tender, Cocktail Bins, Ice Bucket, and Speed Rail with Towel Holder. The Cocktail Station Double Walled fully insulated cover makes for the perfect Ice Storage. Use as Bar Sink with the Hot/Cold Faucet and Soap Dispenser, or even exchange the Faucet for an optional Draft Tower by quickly converting the center Port Hole to accept most Draft Arms. 

Doubled Walled Construction Fully Insulated

The only Cocktail Station which also functions as an Ice Chest with it's double sided insulated basin and heavy cover.

Adapts to most Draft Arms (Draft Arm not Included)

Exclusive feature allows you to place most Draft Towers and plumb to side Kegerator, use the Drink Tender and place your glass below while allowing sink to catch any spill-overs.

Double Cocktail Bins & Drink Tender Tray

Not just Cocktail Bins but add in the Cutting Board and you have a complete solution as a Prep-and-Cleanup Zone all in one, without the need to buy additional products.

Insulated Ice Chests

Complete your Clean and Prep Zone with any of Sunstone’s Ice Chest or Bar Centers for every requirement. Best of all check out the 14″ Cocktail Ice Chest Station which doubles as a Sink with a Kitchen Sized Drain, and fully insulated walls and cover for ice storage. Match with other sinks with the Over/Under Ice Bin or our Classic large Ice Chest. 

Regular Price $831.36 incl.VAT
Regular Price $355.06 incl.VAT

Complete your outdoor kitchen space with a well-planned Prep & Cleanup Zone, with a vast assortment of options from either Drop-in or Undermount Styles – with Sunstone we have you covered. The utmost popular sink is our Premium Drop-in Sink since it comes with everything you need to get started outright, like the include Hot/Cold Faucet, Soap Dispenser, Cutting Board & Raised 304 Stainless Steel Cover allowing a larger variety of cuttings to be sealed within the sink cutting board below. 

Regular Price $495.79 incl.VAT

Appliance Station Components

Expand your Outdoor Sink Cleanup zone and Bar Station with an assortment of Speed Rails, Draft Tower Pans, Bottle Opener, and Shelves for all your Kitchen Tools making a true culinary experience.

Regular Price $106.09 incl.VAT

Bar & Sink Base Cabinets

Additionally you can place Outdoor Bar Sinks into any of the shown Base Cabinets, and easily create complete cabinet island packages with every thing imaginable all in one.