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This Agreement is between Sunstone Metal Products LLC having a principle place of business at 16004 Central Commerce Dr. Pflugerville Texas 78660, by and through (“SUNSTONE”) and the perspective organization  named below will be referenced as (“DEALER”) and establishes the terms and conditions for DEALER’s participation in the SUNSTONE® DEALER PROGRAM (the “AGREEMENT”).


The term of this AGREEMENT is twelve (12) months from the date of acceptance by DEALER and SUNSTONE® This AGREEMENT shall automatically renew on each subsequent year for a one-year term, unless it is terminated earlier in accordance with this AGREEMENT by either party with written notice 30 days in advance. During this AGREEMENT, SUNSTONE® may make revisal’s to AGREEMENT as needed. All revisal’s will be sent in writing to DEALER and will supersede any previous AGREEMENTS.

DEALER will immediately change or discontinue any representation or business practice found to be misleading or deceptive by SUNSTONE® immediately upon notice from SUNSTONE®.

DEALER has no authority to make any commitment, prior to confirmation with SUNSTONE® with respect to quantities, delivery, modifications, or suitability of product. DEALER has no authority to modify the warranty offered with SUNSTONE® products. DEALER will indemnify SUNSTONE® from liability for any modified warranty or other commitment by DEALER not specifically authorized by SUNSTONE®.


  • Any Online Ecommerce Stores Must be “LIVE” for minimum one (1) Year for SUNSTONE® products to be sold through.
  • If Selling products through AMAZON, EBAY, SEARS, or any other multi-vendor platform DEALER must also have own separate website were products are Not forwarded to other multi-vendor store.
  • Ecommerce Websites Must have Specific Focus for Outdoor Living Products, we Do Not approve websites which only list products with little focus.
  • Must feature the SUNSTONE® logo on your website as a manufacture you support.


  • Be Knowledgeable on all SUNSTONE® Products you are offering
  • Educate Customer how to use the any installed Grill, Fridge, Cabinet, BBQ Component, Sink, or Bar Center & Ice Chest.
  • Train Staff on all SUNSTONE® products, refer to the Product Manual Installation Instructions, Product Specification Sheets for Installing the Appliance/Grill & Components
  • Provide Basic Customer Support, Technical Support – if the Appliance/Grill requires any additional service of components or parts after the installation you are responsible for facilitating this work for your customer.
  • Be sure your customer’s Inspect all packages for any sign of damage. See Delivery & Acceptance for more detail.
  • For any product repair, you must assist your customer with any questions; SUNSTONE® will supply back-end support.
  • Must follow all Product Manual Installation Instructions and perspective Propane/Natural Gas Hookups.


  1. During the term of this AGREEMENT, DEALER cannot market SUNSTONE® products at any advertised price which is lower than MAP price, if such activity occurs; SUNSTONE® retains the right to terminate the AGREEMENT.
  2. Bundling of products or services, or other considerations given in lieu of price, (including, but not limited to, rebates, free or discounted accessories, no charge product of any other manufacturer tied-in to the sale of a SUNSTONE® product, or any other manipulation which clearly circumvents SUNSTONE’s MINIMUM ADVERTISING AND/OR PROMOTED PRICE MAP policy) is not allowed.  
  3. SUNSTONE® offers many Pre-Configured Product Packages which are discounted you may offer to your customers you may not create your own custom product packages with products that have lower than MAP allowed price.
  4. Any SUNSTONE® product which does not have MAP pricing, you may include or group into any other product package. These include BBQ Parts, Covers and Accessory Items. 


SUNSTONE® shall give 30 days prior to the effective date thereof.   The price in effect as of the date of DEALER’s receipt of notice of such price change shall remain applicable to all orders received by SUNSTONE® prior to that effective date. SUNSTONE® at times may make immediate price increases to DEALER who violates any of the terms of this AGREEMENT.


If order shipped with SUNSTONE® shipping account, for FREIGHT (excluding UPS / FedEx small package delivery), Receiver should inspect all products at time of delivery and make notes of ANY damages and shortages on the DELIVERY RECEIPT before the driver leaves.  SUNSTONE® will investigate the claim of shortages, defects or damage, and send out free replacement.

  • If order shipped with Dealers own shipping account, SUNSTONE® is not responsible for any shipping damage.
  • If there are no product shipping damages, Sign for Delivery and Accept.
  • If damages are evident follow the steps below:
  • Note the damages on Delivery Report before signing and receiving the merchandise.


  1. Call and notify SUNSTONE® and describe damages or concerns within 48 hours of delivery.
  2. Provide photos (damages to product, outer box & packing material) to [email protected] referencing your Invoice, or PO Number and a description of the damages. Save the packing material.
  3. For freight shipments it is also wise to write “Not inspected for concealed damage” on the paperwork before accepting the merchandise.
  4. FedEx and UPS claims are usually resolved within 14 business days. All claims that involve Freight Shippers may take up to 120 calendar days to resolve. We will do our best to accommodate all requests for replacement goods prior to the shipper resolving the claim but we do not guarantee this for every shipment.

Please Note: ALL LTL DELIVERIES ARE CURBSIDE UNLESS WHITE GLOVE FEES ARE PAID. By signing the Delivery Report with no notes of damages you are accepting the goods as in good condition. All reports must be made within 48 hours after delivery. We cannot file claims with the shipper after this and you will be responsible for repairs or replacements. If you decide to leave a note and are not present at the time of delivery this is the same as you signing for the delivery without exception.


Exchange and or reimbursement can be made in 60 days after the purchase as long as product is like new (it has not been installed), and in original undamaged packaging. If product is returned with damaged packaging, there is a 15% Repackaging fee.  We will not accept returns for damaged product.


Send all new orders to [email protected]. You can send orders in an Invoice, or Text. Our orders department will process your request within 1-2 Business Day (Monday to Thursday.) and reply with Shipping Cost.  For new Online Stores you will be Pre-Pay, additional terms may be offered after some time.

10.  PAYMENT  

SUNSTONE® will charge an administration fee of 5% for late payment. Payment shall be made in Check, Money Order, Cashier’s Check, Visa, Master Card, and Discover.


Online Store shall reimburse SUNSTONE® for any cost incident to such order incurred by SUNSTONE® prior to the time it was informed of the cancellation.


SUNSTONE® will cover the cost of a third-party service technician within the first 30 Days of the Purchase Date ONLY with our “Quality Assurance Guarantee” so long as the service required is confirmed by a SUNSTONE® Representative that the issue is from the actual Product.

Our Checklist when confirming a product issue includes:

1. We need to receive email description of product issue.
2. We require several images of the installed product pertaining to any problems we are diagnosing.
3. We require a phone conversation with the end user customer about the issue in order to resolve the issue quicker.
4. We will need to speak with a member of your staff while on-site with the product in order to perform technical test – determining the issue of product. (in some cases, this can be done with the customer depending on their ability)
5. If any parts need replaced, we will always ship these to the residence to be available for when the technician arrives.

What we DO NOT cover under our 30 days “Quality Assurance Guarantee”

1. Installation of Product of any kind.
2. Utility installation Gas or Water, we also do not offer advice on further installation requirements of utility Gas or Water lines beyond the scope of our product specification and product manuals.
3. Product Assembly of any kind beyond what is presented in our product specifications, and product manuals.
4. Product Adjustments, like Burner Air Venturi Bolts, Centering of Knobs and Knobs Rings, Adjustments or Centering of Valves, Rotisserie Rod and Motor Assembly, Fixing Handles, and any other general product tweaks which are included as part of the product installation and setup.
5. Gas Pressure and Gas Volume issues – as these pertain to the Gas Line Installation, it is beyond the scope of the product.
6. Grill Regulator Installation – we ship our Grills with a NG Regulator or LP Regulator for 25-pound portable tanks, if you are installing to a Hard-Line LP connection, you MUST have installed Medium Pressure LP Regulator, and we do not supply this part.
7. Connection and Installation of Electrical Transformer which supplies power for LED lights and interior Halogen Lights.
8. Cleaning of product surface Blemishes and or Superficial Rust Staining of any kind, we provide information guides how to clean any stains off the surface and recommend products to seal the surface against future issues. Additionally, we offer cleaning service, at customers expense can ship the product to us – we will clean it and ship it back, if we cannot clean it, we replace specific component or piece and pay shipping, this does not cover acid stains caused by many cleaners which damage the surface beyond repair. (Superficial Rust Stains can occur randomly for 304 Stainless Steel; if it happens it will most often occur within the first 30 days the material is exposed to the outside elements)


We offer different types of warranty per each individual product, see the specific product warranty for exact details. For all warranty replacements we ask for a copy of the Purchase Receipt from the Company the item was purchased from. This is required to show date of purchase and to confirm the original purchaser. 

  • Our product warranties Do Not extend to second owners of product, only original purchaser. 
  • Product warranties are NOT renewed each time you replace any specific part of your product under warranty. 
  • Typically, we cover parts only; they do not include the cost of shipping or installation of any specific part. 
  • For all BBQ Grills we offer one (1) Year for small parts, like Lights, Igniters, Vales, Knobs, Wires, Rotisserie Motors, and Rod Assemblies. 
  • We offer Limited Lifetime Warranties for All Stainless-Steel Housing and Structures of other BBQ Components – this covers against Manufacture Defect Only. This ensures the customer is receiving a product which holds up to the test of time for as long as the customer own it; it does not cover the actual usage of the product, such as Burn through, Cracks and general Wear-And-Tear. 
  • All Gas Burners are covered with the same Limited Lifetime Warranty with an additional three (3) Year Guarantee with a one-time replacement, which covers Wear-And-Tear, Burn through, Cracks or any other damage from general usage.

We validate all Warranties by requiring all Products/Appliances/Grills are properly installed according to the installation instructions laid out in our product manuals. Customers are required to submit a copy of their Original Purchase Invoice they received from your company; always make sure you leave a copy of your purchase invoice with the customer showing an itemization of the Appliance/Grill/Component they purchased from you. The Customer also is required to submit Photos of the Grill’s Installation. We are checking if the island is properly ventilated, there are No Partition Walls built around BBQ Underside, and No Shelf built below the grill. We also check proper placement away from Combustible Materials and Gas Hookups, like Regulators, are installed. All Warranties may be VOID if the Product Installation Does not meet our Installation Guidelines which are included in the product packaging and available through our website for all SUNSTONE® products.


SUNSTONE® and DEALER shall maintain in confidence and not disclose to any third-party any proprietary information furnished by the other to it on a confidential basis and identified as such when furnished. The provisions of this Section shall survive for five (5) years beyond the expiration, non-renewal or termination of this AGREEMENT. This AGREEMENT does not grant any license under any patents or other intellectual property rights owned or controlled by or licensed to SUNSTONE®. DEALER shall not have any right to manufacture or modify any SUNSTONE® products.

*By selecting “Read” you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of the SUNSTONE® DEALER PROGRAM. 

© 2020 Sunstone Metal Products LLC.  · Made with care in Texas USA

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