About Us


Sunstone Metal Products LLC has quickly caught on to become the industry’s single largest Outdoor Kitchen product line currently available and is known for making High-Quality Products, at an Affordable Prices. Our products have been in the market for over 20 years now, and are well known throughout the entire world, while most of our sales are in the USA, we also have distributions in Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Turks Islands, Portugal, Spain, France, England, Germany, Italy, Israel, and South Africa.


Based in a North Austin corridor called Pflugerville, and Large Distribution Hub in the great state of Texas. Our company is a Proud Texas Company nearly perfectly centered in the country enabling us to reach both West and East Coast Shipping locals with ease. That is why so many of our customers receive our products so quickly with centralized shipping and specialized mass inventory management. We consistently inventory larger quantities on hand than most all competing brands, all ready to ship at a moment’s notice.

The President is a specialist in the Outdoor Kitchen and Appliance market, with over 20 years of dedicated experience. Our president has personally Designed & Engineered nearly all of our 200-plus products right here in Austin, Texas USA, under a variety of brands including Sunstone, Ruby, Designer Cabinet Islands, Classic Series, Signature Series, Designer Series plus Multiple Sink, Bar Centers and Ice Chests.

In addition to our direct Sunstone-related products, we assist in the Design & manufacturing of several other OEM Brands currently available in the market, doing all back-end manufacturing.

The same attitude is applied to each of our products, with an enduring belief that if you can design and Produce High-Quality Products, that all people can enjoy will help to garner so many Family togetherness’s, helping to bring families together for Good Eating.